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New products at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - June 27th, 2013.
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Gardening Direct just added these new items

Pansy Colourburst 1 Pre Planted Container

Pansy Colourburst 1 Pre Planted Container £12.99
Save time and money with our pre-planted containersEach container comes complete with 5 Pansy Colourburst plants, compost, FREE Raingel and feed treatment. Care instructions included.Perfect for brightening up and adding some much needed colour during the winter to your patio, garden and conservatory. Each container comes straight to you pre-planted – all you have to do is position them and water. Much easier! They are made from specially created light and re-usable plastic and we use compost with added water retaining Raingel and feed which will last all season.

Wallflower Wizard 50 Plants + 20 FREE

Wallflower Wizard 50 Plants + 20 FREE £12.99
New, stronger WallflowersThis new addition to our Autumn Bedding Range is a stronger variety of plants, in a wonderfully bright variety of colours to liven up your Autumn garden right through till the Spring.

Primrose Sunarise 24 Super Ready Plants

Primrose Sunarise 24 Super Ready Plants £11.99
Bring some much-needed colour in winter with this large flowering PrimroseGive your winter garden some colour with the vibrant large flowers of this unique Polyanthus

Primrose Rainbow 24 Large Plants

Primrose Rainbow 24 Large Plants £11.99
Perfect for bringing colour to a winter gardenThis top-selling Primrose is ideal for bringing a little colour to your winter garden. They are fully frost hardy, and have been specifically bred to perform well in the winter.

Primrose Blue Jeans 24 Large Plants

Primrose Blue Jeans 24 Large Plants £11.99
Bred for winter performanceNamed for its striking unique colour that gives its flowers the appearance of denim, this wonderful Primrose has been bred for fantastic performance in the winter months

Primrose Rosebud 24 Large Plants

Primrose Rosebud 24 Large Plants £11.99
Early flowering variety, good choice for a houseplantThe flowers of this Primrose are like clusters of tiny roses, and they make for a fantastic houseplant

Primrose Sunshine 24 Large Plants

Primrose Sunshine 24 Large Plants £11.99
A gorgeous splash of sunshine in winterA stunning collection of yellow Primroses that would be perfect for bringing a little sunshine to your garden in the Winter and Spring

Pansy Padparadja 24 Large Plants

Pansy Padparadja 24 Large Plants £11.99
Deeply coloured, orange Pansy to add warmth wherever you plant themWorld renowned as the deepest orange Pansy Sure to bring colour to the garden come rain or shine!

Stock Autumn Fragrance 24 Large Plants

Stock Autumn Fragrance 24 Large Plants £11.99
Superior scented F1 varietyThese scented plants are a superior F1 variety. In gorgeous shades of pink, they will still give your garden colour into the Autumn as some of your summer bedding starts to lose its lustre