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Comfrey plants

by Sarah - July 4th, 2013.
Filed under: General Gardening.

How to start off a comfrey plant.

You can get cuttings of comfrey from anyone with a comfrey plant. Ask nicely and don’t expect them in the winter. It’s best to make take root cuttings in the spring and start them in a pot for a week or two until they’re a nice small plant. Putting them out straight away might work if the weather isn’t too horrid and there’s no slugs about. Whilst slugs won’t damage a big plant to much effect it’ll certainly be no good for a young plant, so give them a fighting chance and start them off in a pot. The seeding comfrey can be grown from seeds or you can find young plants growing next to the fully grown plants. To stop them being a nuisance cut them back. Comfrey is a great plant for corners you don’t mind filling with the plant!