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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - July 10th, 2013.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these products

Summer Plants - Penstemon Wedding Bells - 24 Tray Plugs

Summer Plants – Penstemon Wedding Bells – 24 Tray Plugs was £19.98 now £4.99
Penstemon Wedding Bells also known as Orchestra Mixed creates a crescendo of colour from midsummer right through to autumn long after other bedding plants have faded. They are a great alternative to snapdragons and this compact mix combines the neat habit of a bedding plant with the resilience slug tolerance and weather resistance of the larger border penstemons. A beautiful perennial plant for your garden. Bee friendlyType: Hardy PerennialsFlowering period: Jun-OctHeight: 45cm Spread: 45cmPot up penstemon plants and grow them on in frost free conditions until plants are well grown. Pinch out the growing tips while plants are still small to encourage bushier growth. When plants are well developed acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 7 to 10 days before planting them outdoors into borders and patio containers. Grow penstemon in a sunny or semi shaded position on fertile well drained soil. Penstemons can tolerate dry soils once established but dislike heavy soils that are particularly cold and wet in winter. Improve heavy soils by adding plenty of coarse grit prior to planting. Feed and water penstemons regularly until they are fully established. Once established they are reasonably tolerant of drought and will require little maintenance. Deadhead faded penstemon flowers to maintain the plant’s vigour and encourage further blooms to be produced. In cold areas apply a dry mulch of bark chips of straw around the crown of each plant in autumn. Leave the old foliage intact until spring to protect plants during winter. Quantity: 24 tray plug plants

Pest Patrol - Solar Sonic Mole Repeller

Pest Patrol – Solar Sonic Mole Repeller was £13.99 now £6.99
This Solar Sonic Mole Repeller is a great way to repel moles without harming them and no need for batteries either! The mole is most active between sunset and sunrise and often damages the roots of plants causing them to die; and that is without mentioning the molehills! With a built in solar rechargeable power pack the sonic repeller emits an intermittent sonic vibration into the earth even overnight. The mole considers this subsonic noise to be a threat of possible human activity and so it moves away. Simple yet effective! Monocrystalline solar panel

Summer Plants - Primrose Husky Mixed - 72 Tray plugs

Summer Plants – Primrose Husky Mixed – 72 Tray plugs was £19.98 now £14.99
Primrose Husky Mixed creates a vibrant rainbow of primrose flowers that will brighten the gloomiest of winter days – even through cold wet and snow! The delicately fragranced blooms of Primrose

Summer Plants - Primrose Mega Mixed - 72 Tray Plugs

Summer Plants – Primrose Mega Mixed – 72 Tray Plugs was £23.98 now £16.99
Liven up your spring garden with these amazing giant-flowered primroses! Primrose Mega Mixed produce massive blooms of up to 8cm with a sweet perfume in an array of strong colours over a long period. They will return year after year to transform your beds borders and containers each spring. Sure to be a talking point in the garden try planting up a few pots for your windowsill and enjoy their fresh fragrance in your home. Type: Hardy PerennialsFlowering period: Mar-MayHeight: 23cm Spread: 23cmPot up plug plants and grow them on in bright frost-free conditions watering sparingly until they are fully rooted in. When they are well grown acclimatise primrose plants to outdoor conditions over 7 to 10 days prior to planting out in their final positions in beds borders and containers. Choose a position in full sun or semi shade on any fertile moist well drained soil. During the winter avoid over-watering which may cause the plants to rot in cold conditions. Deadhead faded primrose flowers to encourage more blooms to be produced. Divide over-crowded clumps of primroses from late autumn to early spring.Quantity: 72 tray plugs

Yeoman Advanced Telescopic Tree Pruner

Yeoman Advanced Telescopic Tree Pruner was £39.99 now £29.99
Yeomans ‘Advanced’ range is a new range of tools with added features and benefits. They are lightweight easy to use and provide an effective end result. These Yeoman advanced telescopic tree pruners are perfect for safely removing branches and dead wood from ground level removing the need for a ladder. The dual action ratchet blade cuts up to 25mm with a detachable saw for pruning thicker branches. They have an extremely light aluminium shaft with soft grips that extend up to 2.7m providing extra reach and leverage. These easily adjust to the task in hand. Specifications:Handle length extends up to 2.7m Lightweight aluminium shaft with soft grips Cutting diameter of ratchet blade: 25mm Detachable saw for thicker branches

Cold Frame

Cold Frame was £54.99 now £49.99
Make sure your precious seedlings and plants are protected from the elements. Glazed with opaque twin-walled polypropylene this cold frame features twin removable lids which also have adjustable stays to give you full control over the temperature and conditions. Pleae note clips to keep the lids closed are not included. 100x63x39cm high.

FSC Wooden Cold Frame

FSC Wooden Cold Frame was £79.00 now £59.99
This FSC Fir cold frame is the ideal environment to protect your young plants. Protect seedlings and less hardy plants from frost harsh weather and pets with this sturdy cold frame. The hinged shatterproof plastic lid can be propped open for ventilation and to drain off any rain water. Manufactured from Fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forestsStained redDurableEasy to assembleOverall dimensions: 122 x 61 x 38cm high 35.5cm high at back and frontInternal Height: 35cmPlease note: All Greenfingers products arrive flat-packed and will require some assembly.

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