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New products at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - July 11th, 2013.
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Garden Centre Online has these new lines today

Dawn Chorus 50 Pack Fat Balls in BOX in Nets

Dawn Chorus 50 Pack Fat Balls in BOX in Nets £7.99
Dawn Chorus 50 Pack of Fat Balls with Net Dawn Chorus Wild Bird Fatballs are manufactured from premium ingredients specially selected to provide high levels of nutrition and energy to all wild birds in your garden all year round. Each ball contains over 80g of high grade beef suet, wheat, peanuts and added dried mealwarms too. We guarantee your garden visitors will return time and again for these tasty, energy packed treats. Suitable for all year round feeding

Baby Bio Citrus Food 175ml

Baby Bio Citrus Food 175ml £3.99
Help ensure your citrus trees produce great fruit by using Baby Bio Citrus Food. Specifically formulated offering a well balanced and unique feed for Citrus plants. High in potassium for good flower and fruit production.

Chempak Palm Fertiliser

Chempak Palm Fertiliser £2.99
The perfect feed for all your palms whether kept indoor or outdoor, potted or soil grown. A high nitrogen liquid feed for strong sturdy growth. . Use at all stages from young plants to mature specimens. Can make up to 250 litres of feed.

Eazifeed Slow Release Plant Food 250g

Eazifeed Slow Release Plant Food 250g £1.99
Eazifeed All Purpose Slow Release Plant Food can be used in hanging baskets, in your borders and in pots. The plant food comes in a resalable 250g bag and includes a convenient measuring spoon. Feeds up to 6 months.

Godwins Bulb Fibre 5L

Godwins Bulb Fibre 5L £1.99
Bulb Fibre is the ideal growing media for bulbs in all types of containers. Bulb fibre contains charcoal to maintain freshness in containers with little or no drainage and is easily wettable.