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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - July 17th, 2013.
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Reduced price on products today at MowDirect

Billy Goat F601S Force 6 Push Leaf & Debris Blower

Billy Goat F601S Force 6 Push Leaf & Debris Blower was £895.00 now £619.00
With a 40 year history, Billy Goat are makers of premium power tools, delivering high-end quality and industrial strength machinery, and this leaf and debris blower is a great example of their design and construction. It is compact and 30% lighter than comparable steel blowers at around 35kg, so highly manoeuvrable, but incredibly powerful with a high quality name engine and premium components. The Billy Goat F601S Force 6 Leaf & Debris Blower is ideal for large-scale lawns and areas, for leaf and debris removal as well as litter removal, and will clear anything from leaves, acorns and pinecones to grass clippings, twigs and paper cups. The Billy Goat F601S is fast working and easy to use and driven by the commercial grade, 170cc Subaru ex OHC engine, producing superior power and performance, and with proven reliability, the Billy Goat F601S produces a strong flow of air with its 40 centimetre computer designed fan, or impellor, that features 16 blades for best-in-class air volume and velocity at 200 mph; more than double the power of an average back pack blower. The fan is also composed of glass filled nylon, for strength and durability and unlike aluminium or steel fans, the noise levels are kept down to a very agreeable level, giving it a remarkably low dB noise rating. The housing is durable and strong, impact and corrosion resistant polyethylene. This model features the patented Billy Goat ‘aim-n-Shoot’ system, where the user can direct the fan from the operating position, using a swivelling nozzle, with one-hand control for convenience. The aim-n-shoot system is lockable in three positions. Operator comfort is well thought out on this model, with best in class, large, ergonomic handles for easy control and fatigue reducing grip. The Billy Goat F601S Force 6 Professional Leaf & Debris Blower is fitted with extra large, pneumatic floatation tyres at the rear and semi-pneumatic at the front, making it easier to steer and negotiate awkward or uneven terrain.

Billy Goat F902H Force 11 Push Leaf & Debris Blower

Billy Goat F902H Force 11 Push Leaf & Debris Blower was £1495.00 now £1235.00
Billy Goat are makers of top-end quality, premium domestic and commercial blowers and this excellent machine is no exception with everything from the components to the rugged, commercial grade build benefitting from Billy Goat innovation, quality and ergonomics. Ready to clear up large areas of leaves, twigs, grass clippings or other litter and detritus, and totally at home with commercial use, the Billy Goat F902H saves time and effort for contractors or homeowners, and is much more powerful and quiet than the average backpack blower. The F902H is powered by an engine from legendary company Honda. It is an up-to-date 270cc GX270 air-cooled 4-stroke OHV, Producing 6.6kw and featuring more power, quieter performance, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions. The engine drives an advanced, revolutionary closed face fan, which has sixteen blades, twice as many as comparable blowers, for maximum productivity and efficiency. The fan is computer designed with air being drawn through it and then being spun into a larger chamber, which produces a progressive wave of air pressure, travelling at up to 200MPH. A large fuel tank of over seven litres means longer hours of working for fewer refuelling stops. The non-metal housing of the blade is rounded and smooth, rust free and reduces noise and air voids, and the tubular frame of the blower is durable and also helps to keep the weight down while also lowering vibrations. In fact the weight of the unit is remarkably low at 63kg. The housing is isolated from the frame, also reducing vibrations. This model features the Billy Goat patented ‘Aim-n-Shoot’ system that you control with one hand, enabling you to direct the airflow exactly where you want to using easy, fingertip control. This is lockable in one position. The forward discharge tube is improved and made of soft, durable rubber, easy to fit and ideal for cleaning along hard surfaces like walls and fences. The front tyre is pneumatic and the rear tyres are large and also pneumatic for easy negotiation of awkward ground and grass areas and patterned for extra traction. The handles are ergonomically shaped and fitted with soft grips to facilitate longer working sessions in comfort.

Billy Goat F1302H Force11 Push Leaf and Debris Blower

Billy Goat F1302H Force11 Push Leaf and Debris Blower was £1725.00 now £1455.00
Suitable for parks, event locations, visitor attractions as well as very large domestic premises, the Billy Goat F1302H is a very powerful petrol powered blower that features very high quality components, design and build. Favoured by professionals everywhere, this rugged and advanced technology Billy Goat blower is fitted with a muscular Honda GX 390 air-cooled 4-stroke OHV petrol engine, producing 8.7kw at 3600 rpm, and delivering more power and torque with lower emissions and quieter, more efficient performance. Despite this, the unit is light and easy to push. This excellent engine drives a computer designed fan, closed face fan, with 16 blades, twice as many as comparable blowers, for the ultimate in performance and reliability. The blade, like the housing, is made of a composite material rather than metal and is therefore quieter and rust proof, as well as being lower in weight. The design of the airflow system is innovative and highly effective with the computer designed fan pulling air through itself, then spinning the air into a large chamber, creating a progressive wave of air pressure at up to 200mph and a volume comparable to more than four backpack blowers. The housing is smooth and curved, which removes the possibility of air voids, and also reduces noise level. The frame is a tubular design, strong but lightweight, keeping the weight of the whole unit down even lower than previous Billy Goat models, at a very manageable 68.9kg. Operation of the blower is comfortable and easy, with large, ergonomic handles at a good height and easy controls like the ‘aim-n-shoot’ airflow directing system that enables you to point the airflow where you want with fingertip controls. This is lockable in one position. The 13cm diameter (approx) forward discharge tube is soft rubber, easy to fit on the air outlet and means clearing along hedges, edges and hard surfaces is made easy. Large rear wheels are fitted with pneumatic tyres, deeply pattered for extra traction and the font tyre is also pneumatic.