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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - July 18th, 2013.
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MowDirect just added these new products

Husqvarna 555RXT Petrol Brushcutter

Husqvarna 555RXT Petrol Brushcutter £1099.00
Designed for full time use under the most testing conditions, the impressively well-equipped Husqvarna 555RXT is targeted squarely at the commercial-use market.Husqvarna are aware of how important comfort features are for the professional gardener, so they’ve furnished the 555RXT a premium-quality Balance XT body-harness; high-specification vibration-minimisation; and a fully adjustable ‘U’-type handlebar. Also contributing to ease-of-use is a high-offset post that enhances freedom of movement on slopes; and 35˚ bevel-gearing that provides the ideal working angle for large-scale grass-clearance.Powering the Husqvarna 555RXT Petrol Brushcutter is a very high-performance 2.8kW X-Torq® engine that develops huge amounts of torque across the rev-band; and which offers a marked reduction in both fuel-consumption and the emission of damaging exhaust particulates (20% and 75% respectively).Smart Start® makes for practically effort-free recoil starts; while Husqvarna’s provision of a fuel-pump and an auto-return stop switch works to take the hassle out of the ignition process.The Husqvarna 555RXT has an extra-long shaft that ensures you’ll be able to clear a large area without moving from the spot.A ‘Tap ‘n’ Go’ trimmer-head and a metal grass-blade are both supplied as standard.

Husqvarna 555FX Petrol Brushcutter

Husqvarna 555FX Petrol Brushcutter £1049.00
This uncompromising Swedish-built clearing-saw from Husqvarna offers raw power; high-specification ergonomics; and heavy-duty build-quality, so it’s ideal for forestry professionals taking-on challenging thinning and spacing applications.The Husqvarna 555FX is powered by an advanced X-Torq® engine, which boasts a substantial 53.3cc cylinder displacement that produces a power-output of 2.8kW – enough to meet the toughest tasks head-on.Husqvarna’s X-Torq® technology brings a 75% reduction in emissions and a 20% improvement in fuel-economy; while their Smart Start® recoil ignition-system ensures the minimal amount of effort is required to get the engine going.Thanks to its vibration-absorbing dampers; ergonomic ‘cowhorn’ (‘U’) handle; and Balance XT harness (which distributes the load evenly across the user’s body), the Husqvarna 555FX Petrol Brushcutter is a great choice for anyone looking to put-in day-long shifts.Its 24˚ angled bevel-gearing delivers the ideal working position for safe and comfortable directional felling; while its convenient thumb-operated throttle works to significantly reduce muscle strain during lengthy periods of continuous operation. This model can be converted to a conventional brushcutter with the purchase of the optional line-head, which is fitted with aluminium cord.

Husqvarna 553RBX Petrol Backpack Brushcutter

Husqvarna 553RBX Petrol Backpack Brushcutter £759.00
Work safely and in comfort on banks; ditches; verges; and other adverse terrain with the ergonomic Husqvarna 553RBX Petrol Backpack Brushcutter. Its 50.6cc two-stroke engine develops an immense 2.3kW; the sort of power that’s essential for professional landscapers dealing with large areas of heavily overgrown grass; brush; and bramble. The engine is one of Husqvarna’s X-Torq® units, so you can expect a 75% reduction in the emission of damaging exhaust emissions; and a 20% improvement in fuel-economy compared to a less advanced two-stroke power-pack.The Husqvarna 553RBX Petrol Backpack Brushcutter boasts premium-grade bevel-gearing, which serves to optimise both torque-transfer and durability (the 30˚ angle of the gearing provides a comfortable working position).It’s fitted with a ‘J’ handlebar, which ensures there’s a suitable grip-configuration for any given task; and it features a combi-guard that facilitates use with either a metal grass-blade or an auto-feed line-head. Also worth noting is the stand-alone starter that makes it simple to replace the starter-cord, should it be required.

Husqvarna 545RXT Petrol Brushcutter

Husqvarna 545RXT Petrol Brushcutter £719.00
Developed for heavy-duty use in the professional arena, the uncompromising Husqvarna 545RXT will impress even the most experienced commercial landscape contractor. Its exceptional cutting performance is thanks largely to its very high-powered 2.1kW (45.7cc) engine, which incorporates Husqvarna’s innovative X-Torq® technology that works to drastically cut fuel-consumption and damaging exhaust-emissions (by 20% and 75% respectively). Smart Start® and a manual primer combine to make starting the engine fast and practically effortless. So as to optimise manoeuvrability, Husqvarna have fitted the 545RXT with an ergonomically designed ‘cowhorn’ (‘U’) handle, which is adjustable to suit both the operator and the nature of the application. A high offset post provides increased freedom-of-movement when you’re working on slopes and banks.The Husqvarna 545RXT Petrol Brushcutter benefits from high-torque bevelled gearing, which is set at 35˚, thereby ensuring the cutter-head is exactly parallel to the ground.A series of dampers absorb vibration, sparing the operator’s arms and hands from undue strain; while a full Balance X harness with back-support and hip-belt facilitates long periods of continuous operation.

Husqvarna 545RX Petrol Brushcutter

Husqvarna 545RX Petrol Brushcutter £669.00
The Husqvarna 545RX is a hugely powerful brushcutter that’s aimed squarely at the professional market. It’s fitted with a 45.7cc X-Torq® two-stroke engine, which will prove exceptionally clean-running and fuel-efficient; and it features Husqvarna’s renowned Smart Start® technology, whereby resistance in the recoil mechanism is lessened by 40% for practically effort-free pull-starts. Thanks to its full shoulder-harness; adjustable ‘U’ handle; and optimised centre-of-gravity, this high-spec brushcutter will remain comfortable to use for as long as it takes to get the job done. It weighs 8.7kg and comes with a semi-automatic line-head and a three-tooth grass-knife.Raw power, sensational ergonomics; and rugged durability characterise this commercial-grade petrol brushcutter from long-established Swedish power-tool experts Husqvarna.It’s been designed with operator-comfort to the fore, offering as it does an optimised centre-of-gravity; low-vibration operation; and an adjustable ‘cowhorn’ (‘U’) handlebar. Also contributing to ease-of-use is Husqvarna’s Balance X harness, which comprises shoulder-straps; a broad back-support; and a hip-belt that spreads the machine’s weight over a larger area.The Husqvarna 545RX Petrol Brushcutter is driven by a seriously high-powered 2.1kW (45.7cc) X-Torq® engine; a cutting-edge two-stroke unit that increases fuel-efficiency by up to 20% and lessens harmful exhaust emissions by around 75%. Husqvarna have utilised their Smart Start® system, which delivers a huge 40% reduction in the pulling-force needed to get the engine going.Thanks to its extra-long shaft, the Husqvarna 545RX is a fast and efficient performer over larger areas. Its 35˚ bevel gearing brings the cutter-head parallel to the surface for the best possible cutting-performance; while Husqvarna’s provision of both a metal grass-blade and a strimmer-type line-head serves to enhance flexibility-of-use.

Husqvarna 535RXT Petrol Brushcutter

Husqvarna 535RXT Petrol Brushcutter £559.00
The impressive Husqvarna 535RXT offers the sort of high-spec features; rock-solid build-quality; and advanced ergonomics that are vital for landscaping professionals.Making it tick is a 34.6cc Husqvarna power-unit that develops a beefy 1.6kW; and which utilises the Swedish manufacturer’s X-Torq® engine technology, whereby exhaust emissions are cut by 75% and fuel-economy by 20% when set against standard two-stroke engine with a similar displacement. Thanks to Husqvarna’s provision of both a metal blade and a nylon-line strimmer head, the 535RXT is a great performer whether you’re tidying lawn edges or clearing large areas of nettle and bramble.It’s fitted with a series of effective vibration dampers that work with its adjustable ‘U’ (‘Cowhorn’) handle and lightweight build (6.2kg) to ensure day-long sessions won’t prove overly strenuous; and it features a high offset post that enhances freedom-of-movement when working on verges and ditch banks.The Husqvarna 535RXT Petrol Brushcutter employs high-grade bevel-type gearing, so you can be sure the maximum amount of torque will reach the cutter-head. A Balance X harness with a hip belt; shoulder-straps; and broad back-support is included.

Husqvarna 135R Petrol Brushcutter

Husqvarna 135R Petrol Brushcutter £479.00
Heavily overgrown grass, weeds and nettles won’t stand a chance when confronted with this very high-powered petrol brushcutter from Scandinavian engineering-giants Husqvarna.It’s driven by a 1.4kW (34.6cc) Husqvarna X-Torq® engine that delivers a 20% reduction in exhaust emissions and a 75% reduction in the emission of harmful exhaust particulates when compared to conventional two-stroke unit with a comparable power-rating. Husqvarna have incorporated their excellent Smart Start® technology, so almost no effort is needed to achieve ignition. The Husqvarna 135R Petrol Brushcutter has been equipped with a ‘U’ (or ‘cowhorn’) handlebar; the sort favoured by professionals due to the enhanced manoeuvrability they confer (the handlebar can be adjusted to suit the operator).It weighs only 6.8kg and comes with an ergonomic double shoulder-harness, so long, arduous jobs can be finished in comfort; and it features a 35