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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - July 19th, 2013.
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New product today at Suttons Seeds

Leek Plants Offer plus FREE Veg Plants

Leek Plants Offer plus FREE Veg Plants £6.99
It’s the perfect time for planting leeks. You don’t need to have a large vegetable garden to grow your own. Even the smallest patio or balcony can accommodate a few containers that will give you a bumper crop of delicious fresh produce!Not only will you receive 46 leek plug plants ready to plant, but we will also be sending you 36 FREE plug plants across two different veg varieties. The type of free veg will be a surprise but they will be able to be planted with your leeks and will give a fantastic autumn crop.The leeks will be of Poulton F1 – a short-shafted variety which produces high quality leeks with high density and attractive dark colour.