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Price reductions at Harrod Horticultural

by John - July 19th, 2013.
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We've found a reduced price today on this product at Harrod Horticultural

High Dome Propagator Lids And Bases

High Dome Propagator Lids And Bases was £3.45 now £2.95
The Propagators Are Available In 3 Sizes – Small, Large And Extra Large. The Trays Or Bases Come In Packs Of 5 For The Small And Large Propagators And Individually For The Extra Large, The Lids Are All Sold Individually.all Trays Made From Heavy Duty Plasticpropagator Lids Fit Snugly Onto Relevant Basessystem Ideal For Germination Of Seeds And Propagation Of Cuttingsversatile – Use In Greenhouse Or On Windowsill In Homepropagator Lids Made From Tough Clear Plasticadjustable Air Vent(s) On Propagator Lidscost Effective Way Of Raising Your Own Vegetables And Ornamentalssmall Propagatorssmall Trays Are 23cm L X 17cm W X 6cm Hsmall Propagator Lids Are 22.5cm L X 16.5cm W X 12cm Hsmall Trays Sold In Sets Of 5 – Lids Sold Individuallysmall Trays Have Drainage Holeslarge Propagators large Trays Are 37.5cm L X 23cm W X 6cm Hlarge Propagator Lids Are 37.5cm L X 23cm W X 12cm Hlarge Trays Sold In Sets Of 5 – Lids Sold Individuallylarge Trays Have Drainage Holesextra Large Propagators extra Large Trays Are 58cm L X 40.5cm W X 7cm Hextra Large Propagator Lids Are 57.5cm X L X 39.5cm W X 15cm Hextra Large Trays And Lids All Sold Individuallyextra Large Tray Doesnt Have Drainage Holes And Can Be Used For Holding Smaller Traysextra Large Base Can Be Used As A Propagation Bed Using Our Soil Heating Cables