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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - July 20th, 2013.
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New product at Suttons Seeds

James Wong Taster Collection

James Wong Taster Collection £7.99
James Wong Taster Collection contains 9 plants (3 of each variety): Cucamelon – These tiny watermelons lookalikes have a refreshing flavour and bags of personality. Plus, their lush vines will produce masses of fruit throughout the summer with a cucumber and lime taste. Cucamelons can be used in just the same way as traditional cucumbers; in salads, pickled, whole, or why not explore their cocktail-enhancing prowess and give your Martini a delicious new twist!Inca Berry – Chances are you may well have seen this South American delicacy garnishing expensive dishes in posh restaurants, or in small, very pricey packets on the supermarket shelves! If so you would be forgiven for thinking this glamorous fruit is far too high maintenance to grow on UK soil. In fact, the Inca Berry is remarkably easy to grow; just like tomatoes, except less demanding!Electric Daisy – Believe it or not, these pretty little daisy flowers have a big surprise – they taste like citrus with a jolt of electricity! The perfect introduction to James Wong’s amazing range of curious and delicious plants that you can grow in your own garden; electric daisies really live up to their name. Their fizzy electric buzz effect is like nothing you will have tasted before. Similar to popping candy, cloves, or a 9 volt battery, this unusual sensation is perfect for spicing up your cooking, bringing an unexpected zing to a dessert or sorbet, or adding a mouth-tingling twist to a glamorous cocktail. Stunning as edible bedding plants in any garden or even as tasty houseplants for year round harvests.