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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - July 23rd, 2013.
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New lines at Suttons Seeds

Kaffir Lime Plant & James Wong's Homegrown Revolution Book

Kaffir Lime Plant & James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution Book £20.00
Kaffir lime will be at home on your south facing windowsill providing tasty leaves all year round, or on a patio in warmer weather. Its evergreen shiny leaves produce a marvellously fresh citrus fragrance that is zesty and uplifting; a great ingredient to add to a variety of meals. Its exotic taste is perfect for Thai dishes, as well as broths, soups, stews or tea. it can even be enjoyed uncooked, simply sliced up and sprinkled into salads or deserts for an unexpected zing.In his new book, James’ shows us a completely new range of fruit and vegetables to grow and eat. It is also packed with tasty recipes that you can make at home with the crops that you grow! You will learn how to harvest homegrown quinoa, your very own popcorn or plant a mini green tea plantation on your patio. This inspiring new book is great fun and full of plant wisdom. TV presenter and two times RHS medal winner James Wong shows that there’s much more to grow than potatoes and sprouts on your allotment.

Kaffir Lime Plants

Kaffir Lime Plants £15.99
Take your home cooking to the next level with fresh, fragrant and deliciously zesty kaffir lime leaves straight off the tree – you won’t believe the difference in flavour compared to shop bought dried leaves, and you can grow it fresh on your own windowsill or patio!A must for foodie fans everywhere, the delicate oils of kaffir leaves dry out very fast in commercially dried products, but the flavour when picked fresh is a revelation; vibrant, exotic and authentically aromatic. Try it yourself! Plants supplied in 10cm pots.