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Chicken coops

by Sarah - July 26th, 2013.
Filed under: Walton Garden Buildings.

These are lovely chicken houses – the first one is my favourite. It looks lovely!

Walton’s Chicken Coop 5
Constructed with natural fir timber, this chicken coop is built to high quality standards, ensuring a sturdy, secure environment for your chickens to nestle. The quality timber proves ideal for outdoor use, where your chickens are granted plenty of ventilation through the opening door, window and incorporated run. A sturdy wooden ramp allows the chickens to safely descend in and out of the chicken coop into the run with ease, especially handy for older chickens. Galvanised netting is utilised into the chicken coop to protect the hens further, and is a durable and efficient way of maintaining the quality of the chicken coop.Asphalt roofing used for this exceptional chicken coop determines its ease for outdoor use. The high quality, cost effective asphalt weather proofs the chicken coop and is deemed easy to maintain; a superb feature. The spacious design of the chicken coop is perfect for your hens to settle in a comfortable habitat, and the unique design of the coop is an alternative and modern addition to your garden. Handily, an egg house and drawer is integrated into the chicken coop which makes collecting the eggs after the chickens have laid them comfortable and easy.This eye catching, efficient and practical chicken coop allows hens to nestle with ease in a comfortable and secure compound.

Chicken Ark
The unique triangular ark design of this chicken coop is ideal for a variety of garden environments and provides your chickens with a spacious, versatile and practical home. The sturdy, hardwearing construction makes this cosy chicken coop a reliable build, which incorporates its own little run complete with galvanised netting. Galvanised netting included in the package protects the chicken coop and is extremely durable to use. An opening roof provides maximum ventilation for the chicken coop and an inside egg house makes it easy to gather the eggs without disturbing your chickens. A sturdy wooden ramp utilised within the chicken coop is an easy and safe way for your chickens to explore the coop, especially handy when housing older chickens. The overall weather proofed construction enables the chicken coop to be easily placed outside without worry of it being ruined or your chickens being harmed.The ark design of the chicken coop applies a modern touch to any garden and boasts a more exciting appearance than that of a standard chicken coop. For a cost efficient price, this high quality chicken coop delivers a spacious, secure habitat which accommodates up to 7 hens.

Waltons Chicken Coop 3 With Run
This is a simple and sturdily built spacious chicken coop that comes with one side compartment and high see through walls for better ventilation. We have used the Chinese fir wood for the construction of these buildings which ensures that the chicken coop is durable and will last much longer. We have used asphalt roof so that the chickens and the wooden building in general remain stay safe from hazardous natural elements. Ideally these buildings are built for outdoors as well, so they can be situated in your garden too. There’s a side, built in egg cage that can be used to retrieve the eggs. These hen houses are quite simple to assemble with the help of instructions manual that you will get with your purchase. The wooden coops have been treated with a water based undercoat treatment for your chickens’ welfare. Even the building has been machined and smoothed around the edges so the chickens don’t get injured while in there. You can lodge four to five hens into this chicken coop.

Walton’s Chicken Coop 7
This spacious chicken coop utilises a unique touch; its design. The quality run is both practical and adds a touch of charm to any garden environment, and the coop itself boasts a wooden ramp, egg house and beneficial opening roof. The open able roof ensures you can keep an eye on your chickens within the chicken coop, and the side egg house ensures collecting eggs from the coop will not disturb your hens.Galvanized netting is versatile and durable and provides the chicken coop with a secure compound, protecting your chickens from straying or being attacked by other animals. The wooden ramp is ideal for allowing chickens in and out of the chicken coop with ease, and adds a delightful touch. The sturdy, hardwearing structure of the chicken coop is constructed with natural fir timber, perfect for a strong and long lasting, secure habitat. The spacious run attached to the chicken coop is spacious enough for your hens to roam freely and comfortably and gives them a sense of freedom.This fantastic chicken coop ensures ultimate security for your chickens and enables them to lay eggs in peace. The exceptional design is constructed with high quality timber and is understandably hardwearing and long lasting. The openable roof provides exceptional ventilation to the chicken coop as well as an easy way of monitoring your hens.

Waltons Chicken Coop 4
This a great all in one chicken coop and can house up to 5 bantam hens. It’s clever design raises the chicken house from the ground which gives the chickens a sense of security as they rest and creates space below to allow your brood the space to walk around and plenty of room to stretch. The cosy house comes complete with coated roof to give extra protection from the hazardous natural elements and a fully pull out floor tray which makes access to the house and cleaning it much easier. There is a ramp from the floor up to the house to make sure access isn’t too challenging, especially for any of the older hens. Inside the house there are 2 roosting poles, which are easily accessed and help to keep the chickens happy and away from the ground. The laying box is the perfect dimensions to helping your chickens feel safe and secure as they lay.

Barnevelder Chicken Coop
This Barnvelder Chicken Coop is designed to provide a safe and comfortable home for garden chickens. This coop has an apex design which helps protect the building against rain and snow conditions. The apex roof of this chicken coop also comes supplied with felt so your chickens are weatherproof all year round. This chicken coop features a nesting box so collecting eggs is simple and stress free. There are two external doors providing easy access to chickens so handling them is simple. There is a perch features inside the coop which is essential when housing chickens comfortably.This chicken coop also features a ramp running from the main hutch into the run; this helps chickens move safely inside this coop. This coop is made from hardwearing, high quality materials so you can ensure it will be part of your garden for many more years to come.Please note: Delivery is FREE to most UK postcodes. Please check our delivery page for more information.

Lakenvelder Timber Chicken Coop
This Lakenvelder Timber Chicken Coop is a traditional building perfect for keeping your chickens safe and comfortable. This chicken coop has an apex roof which is supplied with roofing felt for extra protection. Inside this chicken coop features an internal pen, laying next and a perch. This coop features a flap covered in felt. This flap lifts and can be permanently open providing fresh air to any birds inside. This window features mesh which helps make the coop more secure. Birds can access this coop through a front open, door which also features a ramp for easy access. The laying box can be accessed through a lifting flap so you can collect eggs without disturbing any hens. This chicken coop is made from high quality pine and is very durable.Please note: Delivery is FREE to most UK postcodes. Please check our delivery pages for more information.

Jumbo Timber Chicken Coop
This Jumbo Tmber Chicken Coop is a safe, secure and large coop perfect for housing househole chickens. This large coop features a large apex enclosed hutch area perfect for keeping your chickens safe at night. Inside the coop there are nestiing boxes, a perch and a ramp down into the run area so your chickens have plenty of space to move, sleep and lay. The apex roof helps keep this coop dry and protects the chickens from weather conditions like rain or snow. The main coop/hutch feaures a door so you can easily handle your chickens if needed.The run area of this hutch is tall and wide so your chickens can enjoy excersise and stay healthy. The run is covered in mesh so your chickens won’t escape and are safer from predators like foxes or cats. This hutch is ideal for around 3-4 chickens and is easy to clean thanks to its clever design. This hutch is made from high quality timber so you can ensure it will stay standing in your garden for many years to come.Please note: Delivery is FREE to most UK postcodes. Please check our delivery page for more information.

Wyandotte Timber Chicken Coop
The Wyandotte Timber Chicken Coop is the ideal home for household chickens providing a comfotable and safe enviroment. This chicken coop has a main apex hutch area which includes nestinig boxes and a perch. The hutch is secure so your chickens are kept safe from common garden predators like foxes or cats. The hutch features a small door so you easily check up on your chickens or handle them stress free. The coop also features a ramp leading down into the main run area.The run area of this hutch is covered in mesh so your chickens don’t escape and are safer from predators. A run area is very important for chickens as they need excersise to stay healthy. This chicken hutch is perfect for 2-3 hens providing space for them to live comfortably and lay eggs. This hutch is made from high quality materials so you can ensure it will be part of your garden for many years to come.Please Note: Delivery is FREE to most UK postcodes. Please check our Delivery Page for more information.

Premium Poultry Ark
This Premium Poultry Ark is a quality chicken coop which will provide your chickens with a spacious and safe home all year round. This Ark is made from quality materials and it has been designed to provide your chickens with everything they need in one place.This ark comes with many different access points, so you can feed, water, clean, check and collect eggs easily without disturbing your chickens. This ark has been made with pressure treated wood, which is safe for are animals. Pressure treating wood helps preserve the wood and helps to prevent any wood rot or decay. The design of this ark ensures your chickens are safe all year round and also helps protect them against winter weather conditions. If you’re looking for the perfect home for your chickens then consider investing in this top quality poultry ark.Please Note: Delivery is FREE to most areas of the UK, check the Delivery Page for more information. This item can only be delivered to mainland UK addresses.