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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - July 27th, 2013.
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Suttons Seeds has these new items today

Bio Power 500g

Bio Power 500g £12.99
For all terraces, paths, objects, discharge pipes, barbecue gridirons …. unblocks gutters, drainpipes, etc. Bio Power can be used with a watering can or a sprayer – no need to wipe afterwards! Just mix with water and apply with a watering can. No scrubbing required! 500g pack = 150m. The ultimate ecological solution for stains and deposits Unblocks drains and gutters Best cleaner for barbecuesContaining a unique mix of enzymes and eco-friendly ingredients Biodegradable Does not pollute Not harmful for plants or soil Bio Power – isn’t a classical, chemical detergent, nor a dangerous chemical product. Rain water from any treated surface (e.g roofs) may still be used for household purposes. Waste water will not pollute ponds and is harmless to fish and water plants. Bio Power supports the flora and fauna of the environment!The natural enzymes of Bio Power have a dissolving effect against all organic waste. No more scrubbing bbqs clean, just soak the gridirons in water with a few tablespoons of Bio Power and without wiping, all the dirt/waste will be gone in 2-3 hours! Equally simple for blocked pipes!. SAFETY MEASURES – Irritating to eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

Hot Exit

Hot Exit £11.99
Hot Exit is a unique and powerful cat and dog repellent for use outdoors. Usage: 500ml = 30m.Contact sprayIdeal for lawns, soil, seedbeds, flower pots and on plants. (Not on pale tiles or walls due to its red colour.)Long-lasting effect100% natural: contains chilli pepper extract among othersHarmless for pets

Slug & Snail-Stop

Slug & Snail-Stop £9.99
Slug & Snail-Stop is a sticky gel, keeping slugs & snails away from all your (ornamental) plants and vegetables!Can be used on soil or on tiles and cobbelstones. Also on and around flower pots and pots with seedlings and cuttings. Does not stain.Rain resistant for 10 daysNatural slug & snail control!Completely harmless for children, animals, pets and hedgehogs

Bio Kill Universal Insecticide

Bio Kill Universal Insecticide £9.99
Bio Kill is an internationally highly acclaimed ready-to-use insecticide for all creeping and flying insects and ectoparasites on pets. Can be applied to the animals themselves and their surroundings. The insecticide eliminates flies, mosquitoes, wasps, ants,spiders, bedbugs, mites, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, scorpions, ear-wings, aphids…… BIO KILL eliminates all insects with one single product!very high level of efficiency against insects of all nature and their larvaefast-acting and effective during several weeks, even months when kept out of U.V. radiationcontact and ingestion insecticide to be sprayed on surfaces and not in the spacesgives no odour during applicationdoes not stain walls, carpets ….. and dries quicklyeconomical in use, 20% of the surfaces treated will cover 100% of the areaThere’s just one solution: BIO KILL! Bio Kill is a ready-to-use spray product. Thanks to the special adjustable trigger it is easy to use the product. In the Spray position it is possible to treat larger surfaces while areas that are difficult to reach are not a problem if you use the Jet position of the trigger.SAFETY MEASURES: Wash any contamination from skin or eyes immediatelyWash hands and exposed skin before meals and after useKeep only in the original containerKeep container tightly closedKeep in a safe placeDo not handle treated fabrics until dry and air thoroughly before useInstructions for use are clearly given on the spray.

Fly Trap

Fly Trap £9.99
Extremely effective, unique trap for most types of flies.Reusable! Catches up to 20,000 flies each timeContains a bait for first time use. Just add water and hang up (or stand upright). Easy and fast to replenish with BSI Bait for Fly TrapsEffective biological pest controlEconomicalHarmless for children, pets and the environment

Slug Trap

Slug Trap £9.99
Pack contains two extremely effective slug traps.Catches up to 20 slugs per dayChangeable in a jiffyCan be used several times overInstead of beer, use water + BSI Slug Bait; works better and longer and is more economical than beer!

Slug Bait

Slug Bait £9.99
Long-lasting and natural bait for all slug traps. 400ml spray.In an ecofriendly spray without propellantSimply put water in the slug trap and spray a little BSI Slug Bait inside. The effect of the bait is better, the after-effect is much longer and the price more economical than beerEffective biological slug control!