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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - August 7th, 2013.
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New items today at Jersey Plants Direct

Kitchen Composter Kit

Kitchen Composter Kit £49.99
Turn your food scraps into nutrient rich liquid plant food/organic compostSimply drain off the juice every 2-3 days using the tap on the front and dilute 1:100 with water as a fertiliserfor the garden. It can also be used as an organic drain cleaner if poured down the sink. Because they needa little extra help, proteins like meat and fish should be coated thoroughly with Compost Accelerator spray. The only things you cannot put in the Urban Composter™ are bones and excessive amounts of liquid.The Urban Composter™ was created for any waste food including meat, egg shells, prawns, citrus, dairy, vegetables and other organic food waste. Simply pop open the lid, scrape your scraps in, close the lid and leave it to the composting process to break it down.

Garden Composting System

Garden Composting System £19.99
Multi-Purpose Composting SystemMade from durable PE fabric and tubular steel 130g /m2 PE Material. Total capacity is approx 420 litres. Each individual bin is approx 50 x 40 x 70cm. The overall unit measures approx 50 x 120 x 70cm.This system consists of 3 large separate compost bags on a sturdy steel frame. This will easy allow compost rotation – ensuring rotted compost is always available. This also allows different materials to be composted separately. Air holes assist the composting process. A showerproof lid prevents over wetting of the compost. Ground level access flap allows easy removal.