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New products at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - August 14th, 2013.
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Gardening Direct just added these new items

Tomato Patio Totem Red 1 Plant 2 Litre

Tomato Patio Totem Red 1 Plant 2 Litre £7.99
Produces an abundance of sweet tastersPick fresh tomatoes in August till October with a little watering and a weekly feed and no side-shooting required, just let them grow and have fun picking them fresh for your salads or sandwiches. We have grown these with no chemicals using only organic feeds and peat reduced compost

Tomato Supremo Cherry Red 1 Plant 9cm Pot

Tomato Supremo Cherry Red 1 Plant 9cm Pot £5.99
Delicious Red Cherry Tomatoes With A Long lasting Shelf SifeThe Supremo Grafted Vegetables offer greater resistance to soil born and most fungal diseases. The plants have extra vigour, fruits develop quicker and crops are generally better. They can be grown under cooler temperatures and are less sensitive to drought, humidity and cold weather. They are sold in 9cm pots and will measure between 20-40cm in height. They will be supplied caned and tied.This type of Tomato will develop plenty split trusses of delicious dark red cherry tomatoes which have can be stored for extended periods of time and a open plant habit. These are ideal for areas with lots of sun such as a greenhouse or conservatory.