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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - August 17th, 2013.
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Suttons Seeds just added this new product

Colchicum Bulbs - Collection

Colchicum Bulbs – Collection £17.99
Ideal for naturalising in the garden, producing huge bare-stemmed flowers in autumn, followed by fleshy green leaves in spring. Also fun to grow in a shallow container indoors (no soil required). Flowers September-November. Height up to 30cm. Collection contains 6 bulbs (2 of each variety):Autumnale Alboplenum – Big double white blooms – as many as 8 per bulb! Bulb size 13cm+.Autumnale Album – Palest pink or white flowers – maybe as many as 8-10! Foliage appears later and disappears by late summer, before the flowers appear again. Bulb size 13+cm.Waterlily – Spectacular double, pink, waterlily-like blooms. Bulb size 14/15cm.