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Perennial plants from Jersey plants

by Diane - August 19th, 2013.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

Great value plants.

Perennial Prism 50 Plants + 20 FREE
Cost effective way to fill bordersA tray of these will be like opening a “Pandora’s Box” as each plant settles in and opens up to produce an unsuspecting range of colour and habit of growth. Some of the perennials in this variety pack will reward you with colour in autumn and early winter while others will keep you guessing until the spring. When your plants have shown you how they can grow, then is the time to spread some out or perhaps change their position. Remember, all these plants are perennial and can be moved to beautify other areas of the garden over several years.”These bedding plants are a cost effective way to fill that empty border in your garden. A tray of these will be like opening a Pandora’s Box.”