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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - August 22nd, 2013.
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New products added today at Suttons Seeds

Wildflower Seeds - Collection

Wildflower Seeds – Collection £4.75
A colourful alternative to lawns and borders. Collection contains five individual packets of wild flower seed (should any of the varieties stated be unavailable, we will substitute with another first class item) which gives a lovely selection of colour. Varieties included:Marigold Corn – Once common in our cornfields these bright yellow flowers are easily recognisable. Height 45-60cm (1-2′).Daisy Ox-eye – Also known as the Dog Daisy or Marguerite is one of the best loved wild flowers. Height 50cm (2′).Pansy Wild – Very attractive, delicate and lightly fragrant flowers. Ideal for a sunny border. Height 30cm (12) tall.Scabious Field – Clusters of delicate pale bluish-purple flowers. Thrives in dry conditions. Height 60-75cm (2-2′).Poppy Field – One of the most popular and recognisable wild flowers growing to 30-60cm (1-2′) tall. Attractive plants producing large heads of red flowers.Attractive to butterflies, bees and birdsEasy to growAttractive and colourful flowers

Brachyscome Seeds - Bravo Mix

Brachyscome Seeds – Bravo Mix £2.65
Compact plants smothered in flowers over a long period. Height 20-25cm (8-10). Can be sown directLong flowering periodEasy to grow

Poppy Seeds - Ladybird

Poppy Seeds – Ladybird £2.25
A distinctive low-growing poppy in a bright fire-engine red with a conspicuous black spot on each petal. Ideal as a rock garden or alpine plant as well as for borders. Height 40cm (16). RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Improved, re-selected strainBright flowers with ladybird spots

Cineraria Seeds - Cirrus

Cineraria Seeds – Cirrus £1.75
Compact plants with a bushy habit and oval-shaped, silvery-white leaves. Height 30cm (12).Silvery foliage accentuates colours in other plantsCompact plants with bushy habit