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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - August 30th, 2013.
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MowDirect has these new items today

Efco MT-4400 Petrol Chainsaw (41cm Guide Bar)

Efco MT-4400 Petrol Chainsaw (41cm Guide Bar) £319.95
Whether you’re a farmer, landscape contractor, or more exacting homeowner, this heavy-duty, high-performance chainsaw from Efco will more than meet your needs. It’s driven by a powerful 3.4hp (42.9cc) Emak engine, which offers rapid acceleration to top-speed for highly efficient pruning, limbing and felling. To ensure starting is ultra-reliable, Efco have equipped the engine with a decompression-valve, a manual fuel-primer and a semi-automatic choke. An innovative self-cleaning nylon air-filter ensures optimum performance is maintained in all conditions. The Efco MT-4400 Petrol Chainsaw is fitted with a series of shock-absorbing mounts, which work to reduce operator-fatigue and optimise handling. Its compact, well-balanced design and lightweight build (only 5kg) contribute further to user-comfort. Both the air-filter and the cylinder cover on the Efco MT-4400 can be removed without tools, so routine maintenance couldn’t be easier. A side-mounted chain-tensioner allows for rapid adjustment with no risk of touching the saw-chain; while an adjustable oil-pump makes it possible to set the oil-flow rate (to the cutting-gear) to suit the density of the timber you’re working on. This model also features comprehensive ‘kick back’ protection in the form of an inertia activated chain-brake; and a forged-steel crankshaft, which confers exceptional durability, even when the saw is regularly subjected to long periods of maximum-rev use.

Rover 842846 Hand-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower

Rover 842846 Hand-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower £299.00
Thanks to its simple, hand-propelled design, the Rover 842846 is easy to guide safely and accurately around the sort of obstacles commonly found in the average domestic garden. Its round-disc cutting-system employs swing-back blades for maximum crankshaft protection; while its powerful 140cc Rover i4500 overhead-valve engine offers outstanding fuel-economy, stress-free starts and fantastic reliability. The Rover 842846 Hand-Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower is highly flexible, with its ten preset heights-of-cut (adjustable between 13 and 60mm) enabling you to set-up the mower to suit the grass conditions. The lowest cutting-height will produce a really close-cut finish. Combining an aerodynamic deck design with a wide discharge-chute, the Rover 842846 offers excellent grass collection in any conditions. If the grass is that bit too long for efficient collection, you might want to consider purchasing the optional rear-discharge deflector (a 48-litre grassbox is included). Other notable benefits include a hardwearing steel chassis for enhanced longevity; and quick-folding handles for space-saving storage.

Echo CS-280WES Petrol Chainsaw (30CM Guide Bar)

Echo CS-280WES Petrol Chainsaw (30CM Guide Bar) £279.00
Incorporating many of the features found in Echo’s commercial-grade saws, the Echo CS-280WES Petrol Chainsaw is driven by a 26.9cc two-stroke engine and is an ultra-lightweight (just 3.1kg), easy to handle machine, ideal for domestic and light-duty agricultural use. Its ‘ES’ Easy-Start system allows for quick and effortless ignition, while its excellent anti-vibration system makes it very comfortable to use, minimising stress on the operator’s hands and arms. Other features include a throttle lock-out switch, which guards against accidental throttle engagement; and an automatic chain-brake, which ensures the chain stops immediately should kick-back occur. FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! WARRANTY ON ECHO CHAINSAWS: 5 YEARS IN PRIVATE USE, 2 YEARS IN COMMERCIAL USE.

Ryobi RCS5145B Petrol Chainsaw

Ryobi RCS5145B Petrol Chainsaw £249.95
A very meaty 51cc petrol engine gives all its power to this multi featured and great quality chainsaw, producing a chain speed of 18.1 m/s and 2kw of power for efficient and clean cutting of logs for firewood or to prune, trim and lop smaller branches from trees as part of your garden maintenance. A 2-stroke engine, such as the one featured on this model, requires a good mix of 2-stroke oil and fuel and a transparent and easily viewable tank lets you see that your levels are correct and kept topped up. The fuel tank takes 0.3L of fuel, so you do not have to spend all your time filling up. The longer chain bar of 45cm enables you to cut logs up to 90cm in diameter and safety is assured as the operator is protected by both a sturdy and good sized front hand guard and an inertia activated fast-acting chain brake which will protect against possible kickback. Any good chainsaw user will tell you that keeping your guide bar and chain properly lubricated is a very important regular maintenance task, so Ryobi have included automatic bar and chain lubrication to make things easier. Comfort and convenience are also important when cutting wood and chainsaws can cause discomfort through excessive vibration. This model, which is also on the quieter side of chainsaws, has a 3-point anti-vibration isolation system to enable operators to work for longer in comfort. Handles are also well designed and comfortable. The weight of the chainsaw, at 5.4kg, means it is easy to handle and manipulate and the balance is good, with weight distribution enhancing user comfort. A large selection of high quality and very practical accessories is also bundled with this model, giving even better value for money. These include a supply of bar and chain lubricant, 2-stroke oil, a wrench for maintenance and minor adjustments and a deluxe carry-case which completely encloses both the body and bar of the saw, making storage and particularly transport, easy and safe.

Ryobi RCS4040CA Petrol Chainsaw

Ryobi RCS4040CA Petrol Chainsaw £219.95
Utilising a good length 40cm, chain and bar for cutting logs of up to 80cm, so perfect for medium scale domestic cutting, either to produce firewood for a stove, fire or wood burner or for light limbing, pruning branches from small tree and bushes, or even clearing heavier undergrowth. The efficient and reliable petrol engine delivers 1.6kw of power with a displacement of 40cc and a chain speed of 18.1 m/s and is a 2-stroke, relying on a mix of oil and fuel to run efficiently. To make sure fuel and oil levels are always at their optimum, a clear fuel and oil tank is included, enabling the operator to see levels at all times. Keeping your chain at the right tension is essential for both safety and efficiency and this model has tool-less chain tensioning, courtesy of a knob, to make the job task easier and quicker. The 35cm guide bar and chain need regular lubricating and this is done automatically on this model, again saving you time and effort and ensuring optimum lubrication. Safety when using a chainsaw is imperative and for this reason the Ryobi RCS4040CA 40cc Petrol Chainsaw has a solid and good sized front hand guard and also an integrated, fast-acting chain brake, inertia activated for reassuring protection against any potential kickback. Vibration reduction is also very important on a chainsaw and can help the operator work for longer with reduced fatigue and stress so the Ryobi RCS4040CA 40cc has 3-pony vibration reduction built in, as well as comfortable and well-designed handles. Ryobi have also thoughtfully provided a number of extras and accessories as standard with this range of chainsaws, including a wrench for minor adjustments, chain and bar lubricating oil, 2-stroke oil and a superb, deluxe carrying case that will enable you to transport and store your chainsaw very safely.

Oleo-Mac G53-PK Petrol Push Lawn Mower

Oleo-Mac G53-PK Petrol Push Lawn Mower £199.95
The Oleo-Mac G53-PK is a push-type machine with a substantial 51cm cutting-width; a combination that makes it suitable for use on large lawns with trees; shrubs; furniture; and other garden obstacles to negotiate (it’s recommended for areas up to 1500m2). It might come-in at an impressively low price-point, but the Oleo-Mac G53-PK Petrol Push Lawn Mower is nevertheless equipped with a quality engine; the 159cc Emak OHV Series. The engine’s overhead-valve configuration gives it numerous advantages over less advanced side-valve units, including improved fuel-efficiency; reduced noise; and higher torque at lower revs. A dual-element air-filter provides comprehensive protection for key components. Thanks to its four-step cutting-height, which is independently adjusted on each wheel, the Oleo-Mac G53-PK can be set-up to achieve excellent results on any given grass-type. It weighs-in at just 30kg and runs on ball-bearing wheels, so it couldn’t be easier to push; and it’s equipped with a mulching blade that shreds clippings so as to maximise capacity in the 60-litre collector.

Greenworks 24v Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer (22157T)

Greenworks 24v Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer (22157T) £149.95
Petrol long reach hedge trimmers can be heavy, awkward, noisy, giving off harmful emissions. Contrast that with this lightweight, well-balanced, quiet and emission free cordless long reach trimmer which employs advanced lithium-ion battery technology. Delivering petrol performance at a fraction of the cost or fuss, this easy-to-use garden tool features the most advanced battery technology in the industry.Greenworks’ lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, superior quality units that offer full power for the whole duration of each charge, and can be re-charged up to 2000 times. They have 3 – 4 times the life span of Nickel Cadmium batteries, offering years of successful operation.You can store these batteries away for days, weeks, months even and will find the same charge in them that you left, thanks to minimal power discharge. You can charge them to the max’ for a runtime of up to 35 minutes of cutting action, or just charge them enough to carry out a very quick trim without negative effects to the battery. The quality of build and design is very high. The hedgetrimmer has a sturdy feel whilst keeping a low weight (3.9kg) and the balance and manoeuvrability are very good. The dual blades are reciprocating to prevent jamming. They are also laser cut and very durable, helping keep vibrations very low. The head pivots to seven positions to make multi-angled cutting and trimming the tops of very tall hedges easy. The shaft extends to produce a reach between 2.4 up to 3.6 metres to help reach those awkward areas. Comfort, with all Greenworks products, is a priority so the handles are cushioned with over-moulded grips and a padded armrest is also featured. There is also a safety lock-off switch to prevent the machine starting up by accident. The lithium-Ion battery is included with this hedge trimmer, as is the charger.