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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 4th, 2013.
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MowDirect just added these new items

Mountfield MC846 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

Mountfield MC846 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw £209.00
If you need a chainsaw to make a good store of firewood, take down branches and cut small to medium logs, this attractive and great quality chainsaw is well featured, well built and surprisingly reasonably priced for it’s power and performance. Featuring a 2-stroke, 45cc Mountfield engine, driving a 40.5cm chain bar and producing 1.50kw of cutting power, the Mountfield MC846 has a pump primer, a recoil start and electric ignition to provide easy and quick starting, as well as a sprocket nose at the end of the bar, designed to reduce friction and give the chain a longer working life, while improving cutting performance. All chainsaws should be checked before use to see that chain tension is correct, and keeping the chain at the right tension is imperative for safety and efficiency so the included side chain tensioner is an invaluable feature. Just as vital is sufficient lubrication to the chain and the MC846 features both auto and manually adjustable chain lubrication- a feature very hard to find on chainsaws in this price bracket. Safety features include the double acting chain brake, designed to protect both operator and machine. It can be operated both by inertia – so a ‘kickback’ would engage it – and also by using the lever with your hand or wrist. Peace of mind is provided by the twelve-month manufacturers guarantee.

Mountfield MC640 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

Mountfield MC640 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw £189.00
A good quality, well-featured domestic chainsaw at an affordable price is something of a Holy Grail and Mountfield appear to have found it with this range of machines. The Mountfield MC640 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw features a powerful 2-stroke Mountfield engine with a power output of 1.50kw, and a displacement of 40.1cc, plus a chain bar of 40cm, enough to create logs and firewood on a medium sized domestic property or to fell small saplings and limb or prune. A pump primer means starting is swift and trouble free, with electric ignition and a reliable recoil start. A sprocket nose at the end of the chain bar spins to decrease friction, increase cutting performance and lengthens the working life of the chain. Maintaining the correct tension on your chain is important for safety, and should be check each time you use it. The chain should be snugly fitting to the bar and this is addressed with the featured side chain tensioner. Chain lubrication is equally as vital and this chainsaw features not just auto lubrication, but auto and adjustable lubrication, which is very unusual to find on a chainsaw in this price range. A double acting chain brake is there for safety and to protect the machine from damage during a sudden stop. It can be operated both by inertia – so a ‘kickback’ would engage the chainbreak – and by using the lever with your wrist or hand. This model has a low enough weight, combined with great balance, to make it easy and pleasant to handle and use.

Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw £149.00
If you want to create a handy store of small logs for a wood-burning stove, carry out some pruning or light limbing, make fuel for a small range cooker or for the fire, this small but high quality domestic chainsaw from Mountfield is just the job. The Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw is an affordable but quality domestic level chainsaw powered by a 2-stroke 1.20kw petrol engine, with a number of high quality features including a pump primer for quick and easy starts. Having your chain at the right tension is essential (it should be tight against the guide bar) so Mountfield have included a side chain tensioning mechanism to allow you to adjust the chin keeping it safe and effective. Don’t forget, your chain tension should always be checked before every use. A sprocket nose is featured on this machine, which turns at the end of the chain and increases cutting performance. The chain bar is a handy 35cm, so ideal for creating smaller logs and firewood as well as pruning smaller branches and to increase the working life of the chain and improve efficiency, the chain has automatic chain lubrication with an adjustable option as well, a dual-feature you will rarely find in this price bracket. A double acting chain brake keeps operator safe as well as reducing potential damage to the machine. Double-acting means the chainbrake can be operated by inertia or by moving the chain brake lever with your wrist or hand. The inertia element means that if you were operating the saw with a hand on each handle a ‘kickback’ occurred, the movement of the saw would engage the chainbreak. The MC438 comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.