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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 5th, 2013.
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MowDirect has these new items today

Sanli LSPR42 Power-Driven Rear-Roller Rotary Lawn Mower (Special Offer)

Sanli LSPR42 Power-Driven Rear-Roller Rotary Lawn Mower (Special Offer) £299.99
Unlike the vast majority of its competitors, the Sanli LSPR42 has not been converted or remodelled from a four-wheeled mower – it’s a dedicated, purpose built roller-mower; and as a result is ideal for the fine-lawn enthusiast. It offers superior build-quality; employs only precision-engineered parts; and is brimming with practical and convenient features, so its low price-point is all the more incredible. The Sanli LSPR42 has been equipped with a 135cc (4hp) air-cooled Sanli 1P64F-A engine that employs an OHV-configuration for clean, quiet-running operation with reduced fuel-consumption and the emission of fewer harmful exhaust particulates (when compared to a standard side-valve engine). Starting is via an easy-pull recoil-type mechanism. A power-driven machine, the Sanli LSPR42 will come into its own on lawns with tussocky areas and/or significant slopes that would tricky to negotiate with a hand-push model. It has a robust ABS polymer mower-deck, so strength and long-term corrosion resistance are guaranteed; and there are seven preset cutting-heights ranging from 21 – 77mm, so you can make changes to suit both the conditions and your preferred finish. The grass-catcher on the Sanli LSPR42 Power-Driven Rear-Roller Rotary Mower is manufactured from breathable fabric, which promotes improved air-flow, in turn ensuring clump- and blockage-free bagging, even when working with damp grass (the bag has an impressive 60-litre capacity). Featuring single-lever height-of-cut adjustment – a feature normally reserved for pricier machines – the Sanli LSP4R2 couldn’t be easier to set-up prior to or during use. In addition, the ergonomically, height-adjustable designed handlebar has a soft-touch comfort grip for reduced vibration transfer, and as a result, a more pleasant mowing experience. The handlebar also folds for more compact storage. This model has a 42cm cut; ideal for small and medium-sized domestic lawns.

Sanli LSR42 Push Rear-Roller Rotary Lawn Mower (Warehouse Clearance Model)

Sanli LSR42 Push Rear-Roller Rotary Lawn Mower (Warehouse Clearance Model) £279.00
If you want those attractive, smart and classic British stripes on your lawn, partnered with an easy cutting experience all supported by Sanli’s superior control, this is the mower for you. Representing top-drawer value for money, overflowing with features and shining with superior, precision-made build quality, this purpose built, rear-roller mower is ideal for lawn enthusiasts with medium sized gardens. Benefitting from a 135cc Sanli 400 OHV engine, for quieter running, with improved performance, fewer particle emissions and enhanced fuel economy, producing 2.7KW of crisp cutting power at 3,600 rpm, the Sanli LSR42 Rear Roller Mower is built for the average sized lawn but produces an above average cut and finish. The width of cut is a generous 42cm (17\”), and the cutting deck of the mower is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) a robust, rigid and corrosion resistant thermoplastic, highly regarded for its chemical resistance, structural rigidity and toughness. A simple but highly effective split rear roller produces the elegant, formal lawn stripes as you mow. Cutting height adjustment is central, and operated with a control wheel for ease and convenience and six cutting positions are offered, from 21 all the way up to 77 millimetres. Rear bagging is offered, with the blades rotary action leading to enhanced collection, aided by the fabric grass collector, which allows air to pass though it avoiding clumping and blockages. The grass collector capacity is 60 litres, so you will have fewer emptying stops. There are dual wheels bearings for a smooth and efficient run and the Sanli LSR42 Mower comes with foldable handles for easier transport and storage. The ergonomic handlebars are padded for comfortable use.