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Price reductions at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - September 11th, 2013.
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Garden Centre Online has cut the price of this item

Hazelnut Jumbo 70cm bare Root Tree 20-04-19

Hazelnut Jumbo 70cm bare Root Tree 20-04-19 was £4.99 now £0.01
Hazelnut Jumbo 70cm bare Root Tree Known as the ‘tree of knowledge’ by the Celts, Hazel trees are associated with wisdom and inspiration. Hazelnut is a very popular deciduous ornamental fruit tree. Stunning heart shaped foliage is rich burgundy in spring fading to green and purple in summer. It produces pretty red catkins on its bare branches in spring the catkins are pollinated by the wind and it produces fruit in autumn. Will grow well in most positions. It makes a great specimen tree for small gardens. Supplied as a 70cm Bare Root Tree.