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New products at PondKeeper

by John - September 13th, 2013.
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PondKeeper just added these new products

Oase IceFree Thermo 330 Auto Pond Heater

Oase IceFree Thermo 330 Auto Pond Heater £89.99
This 330 watt pond heater provides reassurance that your pond life will be safe this winter. The heater is thermostatically controlled and switches on automatically when frost is detected.
The unit has been designed to cope with the harshest winters – even up to minus 30 degrees C.
Pond heater ensures oxygen has access to the pond and allows harmful gases to escape
Resistance heating technology for higher performance in the frost area and protection against damage.
Maintains the warm temperature zones on the floor of the pond

Oase Ice Free Thermo 200 - Pond Heater

Oase Ice Free Thermo 200 – Pond Heater £49.99
This clever high quality pond heater from Oase ensures that an area of your pond is kept ice-free whilst maintaining the warmer temperature at the bottom of the pond. The heater elements sits inside a cradle within the large float element.

Oase Ice Free 20

Oase Ice Free 20 £39.99
This is the ideal solution to the problem of keeping an area of your pond free from ice. Despite its low price this item will work in even the harshest winter – right down to minus 20 degrees C.
A small eco-pump is slung under a surface floating element via an 80cm long silicon tube. This constant flow of warmer water ensures that an area around the float is kept free from ice.

Hozelock Pond Heater 100w

Hozelock Pond Heater 100w £39.99
This new heater from Hozelock floats on the pond surface keeping an area free from ice. This ensures that oxygen continues to enter the pond while toxic gases can escape.

Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent Pond Heater 50w

Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent Pond Heater 50w £34.99
This pond heater’s clever construction means that it is typically 66% more economic than to run than other models. it’s compact shape means that it can be used in small ponds up to 5000 litres or in water features such as the Blagdon Affinity Feature Pools.

Bermuda Pond Heater 150

Bermuda Pond Heater 150 £24.99
This 150w pond heater is nothing fancy but it does the job. Simply place the unit in your pond and it will float and gently heat the water. If frost occurs it will ensure that a patch is kept ice-free so vital oxygen can still enter your pond and toxic gases escape.

Hozelock Ice Preventor

Hozelock Ice Preventor £14.99
Simple polystyrene floating disc designed to be connected to any pond air pump (not supplied).
Novel, cost-effective approach that makes use of redundant air pumps in winter.