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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - September 14th, 2013.
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Reduced price on lines today at GreenFingers

Soil Testing - Soil pH Check

Soil Testing – Soil pH Check was £2.99 now £1.99
Before planting any garden plants or vegetables use this simple Soil pH Check! Do you really know what type of soil you have? The pH of a soil refers to its acidity or alkalinity and is a vital factor in plant growth. Acid soils have a pH of below seven neutral is pH7 and alkaline is above seven. This easy to use soil check will save you wasting money on plants or vegetables that will not thrive in your garden. Different plants and vegetables have different soil requirements. For example acid soil is ideal for magnolias rhododendrons azaleas heathers and camellias cucumbers marrows parsley peas sweet corn tomatoes and turnips. Alkaline soil is ideal for carnations clematis geraniums peonies sunflowers asparagus carrots cauliflowers celery leeks lettuce onions and spinach. Easy and quick to useInstructions includedDimensions: W7.5 x D2 x H13cm

Flourish Kneeler Pad

Flourish Kneeler Pad was £9.99 now £2.99
Protect your knees in the garden with this extra comfortable Flourish Kneeler Pad. Weeding and planting is hard work and your knees are always the first to go so it is a good idea to help protect them whenever you can. A great practical product at a great price this Flourish Kneeler pad will also keep your knees clean and dry.Easy to wipe cleanDimensions: L40 x W25 x D3cmTo view all special offers in our garden tool department please click here

Simon Drew - Vegetables of the Silver Screen Mug

Simon Drew – Vegetables of the Silver Screen Mug was £5.99 now £2.99
A wonderful collectable Gardener

Greenfingers Patio Armchair Cushion in Candy Stripes - 40 x 35cm

Greenfingers Patio Armchair Cushion in Candy Stripes – 40 x 35cm was £9.99 now £4.99
A beautiful cushion to add comfort to your chair this Greenfingers Patio Armchair Cushion comes in lovely candy stripes. It is manufactured from 145g/m

Soil Testing -  Soil pH Testing Kit

Soil Testing – Soil pH Testing Kit was £8.99 now £6.99
This easy to use Soil pH Testing Kit is a simple and inexpensive way to help you improve your plant growth. It will enable you to determine whether your soil is neutral alkaline or acidic so that you can either adjust the soil to the appropriate pH level or select plants that will survive and thrive in your soil conditions.Good soil is essential for optimal plant growth and the kit will provide you with an immediate analysis of your soil’s pH. Accurate liquid testingApproximately 15 testsDimensions: W19.5 x D3.5 x H23cm

Camelot Easy Up Gazebo Curtain - Olive

Camelot Easy Up Gazebo Curtain – Olive was £19.99 now £9.99
Designed to fit the entire range of Camelot 3 metre Easy Up Gazebos this plain olive curtain is UV resistant and shower proof. It is easily attached to your gazebo by Velcro to afford you privacy as well as shelter from the wind.Quantity: 1 curtain

Joseph Bentley Flourish French Lavender Ladies Bypass Secateur

Joseph Bentley Flourish French Lavender Ladies Bypass Secateur was £14.99 now £9.99
This premium quality hand tool is ideal for pruning roses shrubs and all live green wood up to 15mm. The sharp bypass blades give clean precise cuts and have a lock mechanism for safety when not in use. The carefully finished FSC approved solid oak handles have been finished in an elegant French Lavender colour and are designed with comfort in mind making these ideal for repetitive tasks. Pretty purple but not just for girls. If you

Folding Pocket Secateurs

Folding Pocket Secateurs was £11.99 now £9.99
These great secateurs fold down to 3cm x 9cm and slip into a pouch but don

Joseph Bentley Flourish Stainless Steel Hand Trowel - Antique Rose

Joseph Bentley Flourish Stainless Steel Hand Trowel – Antique Rose was £10.99 now £9.99
This robust yet elegant stainless steel hand trowel is the ideal hand tool for planting specimens in beds borders and containers. It has carefully finished FSC approved solid oak handle painted a delicate Antique Rose shade. The smooth stainless steel head reduces soil adhesion and is rust resistant so less maintenance is required to keep your tool in top condition.Pretty pink but not just for girls.If you

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