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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 15th, 2013.
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New item at MowDirect

Einhell BG-PC 2245 Petrol Chain Saw

Einhell BG-PC 2245 Petrol Chain Saw £159.95
If you have wood burning stoves, fireplaces or a furnace and have to cut up firewood for fuel, trees on your property that need maintenance, or a small orchard, thicket or coppiced hedge that need keeping tidy, then you will benefit from owing a powerful chainsaw such as this one. From the very first glance it is easy to see that this perfectly balanced chainsaw means business. The presence of an Oregon chain and bar deliver instant reassurance. Oregon is the world leader in chain and guide-bar manufacture and this double guard bar is a great example of their craft. It has a sprocket at the nose which helps to reduces friction and wear and ensures a longer chain life. There is also a chain catch built-in to reduce the risk of derailment, preventing the chain from jumping from the bar. The inclusion of a WALBRO carburettor will also ring bells with anyone familiar with superior components, and you will be sure of optimised engine performance on each start-up, with the combination of the carburettor, the auto choke and the dirt, temperature and humidity resistant electronic ignition ensuring a clean start every time. The engine is an efficient and reliable full crankshaft, air-cooled, 2-stroke petrol version, which produces 2.2kw of power and has a displacement of 49.3cc, so plenty of power to carry out your tree felling or cutting with ease at an impressive speed of 19 metres per second. Ergonomic design means that the Einhell BG-PC 2245 Petrol Chain Saw is a joy to use, comfortable to hold and satisfying to work with. The controls are laid out in an intuitive and easy to operate manner and the inclusion of automatic chain lubrication means there is less wear and tear on the bar and the chain, extending the working life of the cutting system and enhancing performance. The crank shaft is fitted with with bilateral bearings, so the engine is already running with very low vibrations, added to which there is an on-board anti-vibration system for even more comfort and user-friendly operation on long sessions. Chainsaws need to be handled and treated with respect and Einhell take chainsaw safety very seriously indeed. The automatic safety trigger ensures that the engine does not work unless the trigger is fully depressed and in case of kickback, the chain brake halts the chain within milliseconds. The chain brake also operates as an efficient hand guard and a centrifugal clutch stops the cutting action from stalling if there is a slow down.