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Price reductions at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - September 15th, 2013.
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Garden Centre Online has cut the price of these products

ChapelWood Premium Peanuts 5kg

ChapelWood Premium Peanuts 5kg was £17.99 now £12.99
ChapelWood Premium Peanuts are rich in fibre, oils and protein. Perfect for all year round feeding and attracting the widest variety of garden visiting birds.

12.55Kg Premium Quality Peanuts

12.55Kg Premium Quality Peanuts was £22.99 now £19.99
12.55Kg Premium Quality Peanuts Peanuts are a very versatile source of nutrition for wild birds as they are full of calories and have a high content of natural oils, protein, essential vitamins and minerals. They are a great feed to use throughout the year but especially beneficial in winter and spring when extra energy is needed to raise their young. Peanuts will attract a wide range of birds including: – Blackbird, Blue Tit, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Collared Dove, Dunnock, Goldfinch, Great Tit, Greenfinch, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Nuthatch, Robin, Siskin, Song Thrush, Starling, Swallow and Wren. Wild birds can often fly miles to feed from your feeder, once your new friends have established a feeding routine it is important to ensure that you keep a fresh supply of food available to stop them having a wasted journey and using up much needed energy. These whole peanuts should ideally be fed from a peanut feeder, but they can be fed from bird tables and from the ground . However feeding from a ground feeder or table should be avoided during the breeding season as there is a risk of choking if whole nuts are feed to young chicks. Peanuts can be contaminated by a fungus which produces a poison – aflatoxin that is harmful to birds. All the peanuts that we supply have been stringently tested to ensure they are within EC safety standards and safe for birds to feed upon.