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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 18th, 2013.
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MowDirect has these new items today

Billy Goat F1802SPV Self-Propelled Wheeled Blower

Billy Goat F1802SPV Self-Propelled Wheeled Blower £2279.00
This top-of-the-range wheeled blower from Billy Goat delivers the ultimate in power and volume, and as such is suitable for the toughest debris clearance applications over the largest areas. Powering it is a very high-performance 570cc Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine that develops a massive 18hp; and which employs V-Twin overhead-valve technology that ensures it runs cooler and cleaner and offers impressively low-levels of fuel-consumption. An electronic ignition and a float-feed carburettor combine to make starting ultra-dependable; while full-pressure lubrication and a spin-on oil-filter work to protect crucial parts from premature wear and tear.The Billy Goat F1802SPV Self-Propelled Wheeled Blower is equipped with a 43cm 16-bladed closed-face impellor that moves the air at a brutal 322km/h (200mph); enough to shift those tiresome glass-bottles and sticky, downtrodden leaves.It features a 360˚ rotatable discharge-chute, which you can quickly adjust and lock into your desired position without using tools (Aim ‘n’ Shoot™); and it benefits from a smooth, rounded housing that eliminates air-voids for super-quiet operation.Thanks to its rear-wheel power-drive, the Billy Goat F1802SPV is a great performer on the sort of sloping and/or rough terrain that would be tough to negotiate with a hand-propelled machine. Billy Goat have provided a click-on extension tube can be fitted if you need to clear along fence-lines and walls; and a heavily padded handlebar for reduced vibration-transfer and therefore a more comfortable working experience.

Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Wheeled Blower

Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Wheeled Blower £1699.00
Make light work of commercial-scale clear-up tasks around schools, parks, cemeteries, streets and golf-courses with the immensely powerful Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Wheeled Blower.Driving it is a 393cc Honda GC390 engine; a four-stroke overhead-valve-type unit that develops a huge 11.7hp; and which offers the sort of durability and fuel-economy that contractors worldwide have come to expect from Honda power-packs.Honda have provided automatic mechanical decompression for low-effort pull-starts; and an improved muffler for a 5dB reduction in engine noise. The Billy Goat F1302SPH is fitted with a 43cm 16-blade closed-face fan that works with the smooth, void-free housing to produce an airflow strong enough to shift drinks bottles and stubborn, stuck-down leaves (322km/h / 200mph).It’s a self-propelled machine, so inclines and rough, undulating terrain can be traversed without fuss; and it incorporates Billy’s unique Aim ‘n’ Shoot™ technology that makes it possible to select and lock the direction of the blower-nozzle using a fingertip control – no tools are required.Thanks to its large-diameter pneumatic drive-tyres, the Billy Goat F1302SPH is highly manoeuvrable and can be used successfully in wet conditions. An ergonomic handlebar with extra-thick padding ensures the comfortable completion of lengthy shifts; while a snap-on extension nozzle means you’ll be able to clear debris right up to the edge of walls and fences.The quiet engine and low-noise composite housing on this model make it particularly suited to use in residential and educational environments.

Billy Goat F902SPS Self-Propelled Wheeled Blower

Billy Goat F902SPS Self-Propelled Wheeled Blower £1279.00
Missouri-based Billy Goat Industries have put over 40 years of accumulated design and engineering expertise into this impressive commercial-duty wheeled blower.At its heart is a high-powered 256cc (9hp) Subaru EX engine which offers superior fuel-economy and ultimate reliability.The engine combines with a 43cm 16-bladed composite fan to develop a brutal top air-speed of 322km/h (200mph) – drinks bottles and wet, downtrodden leaves won’t stand a chance. The 10cm Aim ‘n’ Shoot™ blower-nozzle on the Billy Goat F902SPS can be rotated through 360˚ and locked into your preferred position, in turn enabling you to set the airflow direction with precision. A self-propelled transmission works to make the negotiation of slopes and rough ground practically effort-free; while large-diameter drive wheels with pneumatic tyres ensure you’ll have no trouble working on damp or even muddy terrain.The Billy Goat F902SPS Self-Propelled Wheeled Blower has a thickly padded handlebar for the comfortable completion of day-long applications.It comes with a snap-on extension-nozzle, which can be fitted when working along walls and fence lines; and it features a smooth, rounded housing that keeps noise levels at a minimum, and which is made from rust- and impact-resistant material.

Billy Goat F902S Wheeled Blower

Billy Goat F902S Wheeled Blower £1045.00
Clear substantial domestic and commercial properties of leaves and litter in quick-time with the merciless Billy Goat F902S.Capable of far out-performing a handheld or backpack blower, it’s fitted 43cm closed-face single-shot impellor that’s equipped with 16 blades – twice as many as any other blower in its class. The rapid rotation of the impellor produces a remarkably powerful air-speed of 322km/h, so you’ll even be able to shift heavier items like drinks bottles.The Billy Goat F902S Wheeled Blower features the acclaimed American manufacturer’s patented Aim ‘n’ Shoot™ system, whereby you can direct the air-flow precisely where you want it at will (the nozzle can be locked into position).It comes with an extension nozzle, which you can fit for a comprehensive clear-up when working flush against walls and fence lines; and it combines a thickly padded handlebar with large-diameter pneumatic rear-tyres to ensure comfortable manoeuvrability.Notable for its low-noise performance, the Billy Goat F902S is a great choice for those working in residential or educational environments. Also important is the durable composite housing which will resist impact and corrosion and brings with it an impressively lengthy five-year warranty (the warranty for the machine is two-years; for the engine five-years).This model is powered by a 265cc Industrial/Commercial Subaru engine for greater fuel efficiency and ultimate reliability.