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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 19th, 2013.
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Suttons Seeds has cut the price of these items

Lettuce Seeds - Dazzle

Lettuce Seeds – Dazzle was £1.85 now £1.69
Red Little Gem type. Sweet, crisp and tasty. Easy to Grow. Cos type.

Wildlife Sancuary Seeds - Borage

Wildlife Sancuary Seeds – Borage was £2.50 now £1.89
An easily grown annual which is very attractive to bees. Chopped leaves give a cool, cucumber-like taste to salads and wine cups.Attractive to bees and other pollinatorsEasy to growLeaves and flowers are edibleAdopt a beehive or become a friend! – see details inside packet.

Leek Seeds - Atal

Leek Seeds – Atal was £2.45 now £1.89
Mild variety. Easy to grow. For salads, steaming or stir fry. Baby type.

Green Manure - Summer Mix

Green Manure – Summer Mix was £3.69 now £2.69
Created to assist the build-up of soil nitrogen over a short period of time: it is fast-growing and is ideal for use between cropping periods. Sow May-July; dig in July-October.Why grow Suttons Green Manures? Green manures are a range of seeds that are sown specifically to improve or assist with soil fertility and/or the conditioning of soil. Bigger, more prolific crops – Green manures will lift or fix nitrates into your soil providing this essential element for bumper harvestsSoil enhancer – Ensures your soil gets the maximum nutrients required to give you the best cropsEasier digging – Deep rooting green species improves the soil’s structure by loosening and aerating the soilEnvironmentally friendly – Reduces the need to use chemical fertilisersLess weeding – The leafy nature of the Green Manure acts as a weed suppressant whilst retaining soil moisturePest control – Helps control pests and provides shelter for beneficial insectsGreen Manure Mixes – Our specially selected mixes for specific garden situations are a simple and natural way to improve the fertility and condition of your soil and boost your crops! Green manures, sown onto beds and borders, form a green carpet that can be strimmed or mown and then dug directly into the soil. Ideal for sowing where areas aren’t required for crops for a couple of months.

Pea Sugar Snap Delikett Seeds

Pea Sugar Snap Delikett Seeds was £2.99 now £2.75
With a very sweet flavour, this round podded mangetout type pea will add a delicious flavour to your dinner plate. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 75cm (30).

Pea Ceresa (Petit Pois Type) Seeds

Pea Ceresa (Petit Pois Type) Seeds was £2.85 now £2.75
Because this pea is semi-leafless, picking is much easier, plus its many tendrils make it almost self-supporting. Height 50cm (20).

Speedy Veg Seed - Baby Vegetables Favourites Collection

Speedy Veg Seed – Baby Vegetables Favourites Collection was £8.90 now £8.69
Often called ‘Baby vegetables’ these specially bred varieties are ideal for gardening in small spaces, be it in the garden or increasingly in patio containers.Collection comprises of 6 packs (1 of each variety): Beetroot F1 Action – Good crops of high quality, sweet, smooth-skinned roots, to harvest at golf ball size. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. 200 seeds; Dwarf French Bean Speedy – One of the earliest varieties. Harvest just 7 weeks after sowing. Compact and high yielding. Recommended for deep freezing. 75 seeds; Carrot Ideal – A super-fast-maturing Nantes type. Uniform, rich orange, delicious-flavoured roots. Superb eaten whole or grated in salads. 1800 seeds; Salad Onion Apache – A fast maturing red salad onion which keeps its colour when peeled. 450 seeds; Radish Jolly – Globe-shaped roots with a delicious mild flavour, and a lovely cherry red colour. 450 seeds; Turnip Atlantic – A quick-maturing, bolt-resistant Purple Milan type, producing scrumptious, flat-topped white roots with purple crowns. 500 seeds.

Speedy Veg Seed - Baby Leaf Salad Collection

Speedy Veg Seed – Baby Leaf Salad Collection was £11.90 now £11.49
‘Cut and come again’ Baby Leaf Mixtures – Many of us buy pre-packed bags of mixed salad leaves, but not so many are aware just how easy they are to grow at home and what’s more you can cut the leaves and the plants will come again!All you need is a small plot or even a patio container. Sow your seeds and after just 3 weeks the young plants are ready to trim for summer salads. Water and feed the remaining plants and in a very short time you can take a further crop.Collection comprises of 6 packs (1 of each variety): Cos Lettuce Mix – Unique mixture of Cost Lettuce. Great colour, shape, texture and sweetness of baby leaf stage. 1400 seeds; French Mix – Green salad mix containing Rocket, Dandelion, Chervil and Cress. 1000 seeds; Italian Mix – Basil, Dandelion, Cress, Mustard Ruby Streaks and Wild Rocket. 900 seeds; Lettuce Mix – A superb blend of Red, Cos, red-tinged Batavia and Oak-leaf Lettuce varieties. 1500 seeds; Spicy Mix – Rocket, Red Giant Mustard, Green Wave Mustard and Mizuna Kyoto. 1000 seeds; Winter Mix – Can be sown up to October outdoors, for picking leaves over winter, or sown through the winter under glass or on a windowsill. 850 seeds.