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Getting on the allotment waiting list

by Diane - September 20th, 2013.
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Getting on the allotment waiting list.

You should visit the allotment site you’re interested in. Ideally you’ll find it busy with hoards of plot holders working away tending their crops and harvesting. In reality you’re likelt to have to visit a few times before you can get let in, and then actually meet the person who deals with the waiting list.

You could just ring up. But it’s very likely you’ll be asked to visit the site before you are added to the list. Why? Because if it’s too much effort to pop round to the site to get on the list, then the chances are it’ll be too much effort to pop over and tend your allotment.

You’ll also get to see the site, be shown round, shown any vacant plots, find out about the facilities, or lack of them. It gives you a chance to get to know people too – you might already know people on the site. If you do then pop along next time they go and get stuck in weeding, digging or hoeing!

If you don’t fancy visiting a site and just want to be added to the list, then ask yourself why. Is there a good reason? You might not be living in the area at the moment and want to get on the waiting list. It might be that the site allows you to go on the waiting list before you’re in their catchment area, but it might not. You might be working away and looking to change your job, or you might only be available at strange hours and unable to come to the site to meet with the person who keeps the waiting list.

It’s essential to get on the list – so you’ve got to make the effort sooner or later to get down there and be added.

If you make an appointment to meet the site secretary then keep it. Mobile phone numbers are useful to give and take! Always let them know if you’re going to be late or not able to make it. You won’t make a good impression by keeping them waiting on site for you.

Questions to ask include:
What are the facilities like?
How big are the plots?
Are there any about to become available?
How many people are on the list?
Is there water on site?
What rules are there?
Can I have a greenhouse and a shed?

Questions to ask yourself include:
Do I have time for an allotment?
How much help am I expecting from my family?
How much help will I get from my family?
Am I already growing things?