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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 24th, 2013.
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Lots of new items added today at MowDirect

Billy Goat DL2500S Leaf & Debris Truck Loader

Billy Goat DL2500S Leaf & Debris Truck Loader £4559.00
This premium quality, rugged and powerful debris truck loader from US industry leaders Billy Goat, delivers everything you need for all-weather large scale leaf, litter and general debris clearance. Makers of premium, professional litter clearing kit, Billy Goat, have come up with another all-round, commercial-grade winner with this truck loader. Capable of dealing with large volumes of leaves, grass, twigs, pin-cones, paper cups, plastic cups, tin cans and even glass bottles, to save time and energy. It can shift 124.5m3/min of air per second and will make quick work of clearing parks, camp sites, festivals college grounds or similar. The robust and reliable 24hp motor is from well-respected company Subaru, and produces plenty of power for the intake (suction) the two-part shredding system and the exhaust/outtake (blower) The engine has an electric start for added convenience. The intake hose is transparent so you can check all is working properly and is 30.5 cm in diameter and 3 metres long. It is controlled easily with two ergonomically placed and designed handles. The dual-shredding mechanism consists of a durable and sharp, trademarked, Piranha blade and a serrated edged impellor, which shred litter, leaves and so on into a five stream of small, easily dealt with particles. If you are just clearing leaves and organic matter, this is a great way to create compost or mulch. The out-take funnel, or pipe, can be revolved, without tools, through 360