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Price reductions at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - September 24th, 2013.
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We've found a reduced price today on this product at Garden Centre Online

Starter Garden Shrub Collection - 200052

Starter Garden Shrub Collection – 200052 was £29.94 now £9.94
The only garden shrub set you need! A fabulous starter collection of some of the nations favourite garden shrubs. These will add constant colour to your garden beds and borders. Perfect for gardeners who want a colourful deciduous border but don’t know where to start. Your selection will contain one each of the following: 1) Berberis – A beautiful ornamental garden shrub! Berberis, or Japanese Barberry as it’s commonly known, is a small deciduous bush that shows two seasons of interest. Throughout spring the flowers are a pale yellow which are stained with an opulent red tint and through autumn the small, ornate, spiny leaves turn a bewitching shade of crimson and offer a mass or red berries. 2) Cornus Alba – Delicate, star shaped blooms and stunning red stems will catch your eye as Dogwood (Cornus alba) comes into view. This versatile large deciduous shrub or small tree is a great addition to mixed borders. With a great columnar habit it provides abundant all year round interest. 3) Forsythia – A stunning, spring blossoming shrub, Forsythia ‘Spectabilis’ boasts a mass of yellow, bell shaped flowers ranging in hues from lemon to gold and long light to mid-green foliage. This large shrub or small tree has an upright habit when young which changes to an arching habit with age. 4) Spiraea – A vigorous deciduous shrub with toothed leaves and dusky pink, erect, clusters of flowers. Spiraea Douglasii looks great in your borders and due it enjoying moist and damp conditions can thrive happily in the UK climate. It also looks great as an informal flowering hedge but is also happy in a pot on your patio. 5) Symphoricarpos Albus – Elegant white berries are what the Symphoricarpos Albus, or Snowberry, is known for. This deciduous shrub is infused with delicate pink flowers throughout the summer that give way to white, round, fleshy, berries in the autumn. An excellent choice for gardeners looking for a fast growing shrub to liven up autumn borders. 6) Syringa Vulgaris Syringa Vulgaris, or Lilac, blooms have compact clusters of highly fragrant purple blooms set on sturdy stems. Ideal for informal hedging or as a stand alone plant to give texture to garden borders and planting schemes. These beautiful flowers are also perfect for fresh cut arrangements as they boast lovely deep green heart shaped leaves. Position Will grow almost anywhere from full sun to partial shade, can be grown in pots, or in a border as a bush. It can also be used as flowering hedge that will fill your garden with fragrance. Skill level Easy to grow Hardiness Very hardy garden plants; will survive down to -20 Soil type Any moist garden soil Flowering Time Various Flower colour Various Foliage Various Height 1.5-2.5m (5-7ft) can be contained by pruning. Spread 1.5-2.5m (5-7ft) can be contained by pruning. After Care Requires no regular aftercare, can be pruned hard or clipped as a bush after flowering to maintain shape and size Feed with general fertilizer and mulch with garden compost or manure around the base of the plant in early spring Watering Water well after planting and throughout the first growing season Wildlife Bees and butterflies will love the flower, good nest sites for small birds. Plant type (Perennial Deciduous Shrub) this means, it’s a woody garden plant that will flower for many years and will drop its leaves in winter. Supplied As a Bare Rooted plant or root ball, approx 30-50cm tall (dependant on variety)     Garden plants are not suitable for human consumption