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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 26th, 2013.
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New lines added today at MowDirect

McCulloch LRV 3-in-1 Ride-on Mower (Ex Demo - 2 hours use)

McCulloch LRV 3-in-1 Ride-on Mower (Ex Demo – 2 hours use) £999.00
If you have a large lawn and you are tired of the effort and time required to mow with a walk behind machine, if you would like a ride on mower but they always seem too large, too expensive and just not you, think again. This amazing, very affordable and compact ride on mower from McCulloch is changing the rules. Designed to be slimline enough to drive through a standard garden gate but powerful enough to mow a large lawn efficiently and quickly and sporting an engine from world-renowned market leading company Briggs and Stratton The engine is a 950 series, compact but delivering plenty of power and running extremely efficiently, quietly and economically, producing 223cc and 3.9kw and 2850 rpm to drive both the wheels and the cutting deck. The engine starts with a key, so starting every time is easy and convenient The compact design of the McCulloch LRV 3-in-1 Ride-on-Mower facilitates easy storage and superior manoeuvrability and the gearbox, with its three forward gears and one reverse gear offers total flexibility both when cutting and negotiating your way around your property. The rear engine placement means the front visibility is much improved so obstacles can be spotted early and you can get very close to edges and borders when mowing for maximum precision. With a generous cutting width of 66 centimetres, The McCulloch LRV 3-in-1 Ride-on-Mower is perfect for lawns of over half an acre and the three in one cutting options offer a great deal of flexibility. You can cut and discharge to the side, cut and collect with the included collector or cut and drop with the included mulch plate. Mulching is the depositing of fresh cuttings right into your grass and can create a much healthier and greener lawn. The collector is a twin bag, and has a large capacity of 150 litres, way more than the average walk behind and it sits at the back, up high at the end of the provided collecting chute. The bags are made of mesh fabric; allowing good airflow and aiding collection. A reasonably large fuel capacity of 1.1 litres makes it possible to work for longer without re-fuelling and the four position cutting height adjustment gives you the option of cutting from 38 mm up to 102 mm. A comfortable ride is very important if you are spending a long time riding around, whether on a smooth lawn or on uneven ground and the McCulloch LRV 3-in-1 Ride-on-Mower provides the operator with a high-backed and ergonomically designed seat, sprung mounted for a really smooth and pleasant ride, as well as ensuring that all controls are to hand. A comfort steering wheel, soft to touch and easy to hold is also provided. The step through design makes the mower easy to get on and off and the whole experience is enjoyable and comfortable. Larger rear wheels help turning and both sets of wheels are fitted with heavy-duty pneumatic tyres, deeply patterned to provide deliver enhanced traction and grip on uneven terrain or slippery conditions.

MTD ME 66 Snow Blower / Thrower – 2 Stage Self-Propelled (Shop soiled - few slight marks)

MTD ME 66 Snow Blower / Thrower – 2 Stage Self-Propelled (Shop soiled – few slight marks) £699.00
When winter hits and snow starts it can create chaos for homes and businesses alike if you are not prepared, and if you are a larger property or perhaps a small distribution centre, medical practise or visitor attraction, you really need to keep your path, driveways and concourses clear. This dual-stage snow blower from experts MTD, with its broad clearing width of 66 centimetres, will do a great job of clearing those areas, churning up and distributing the snow courtesy of the power of its 277cc Snow Thor X 80 OHV engine, designed for freezing weather and producing 5.4kw of power. Built for maximum efficiency and comfort, it boasts rugged construction, an effective snow clearing action and a host of features designed to make use easy and convenient The dual-stage, or 2-stage description refers to the two mechanisms that break up the snow and throw it out. The first stage is a tough, metal, toothed auger, which revolves and smashes up the snow and pushes it back to the second stage. This is an impellor, which spins, further pulverising the snow and sending, at speed, up the exit chute. The auger is situated inside a snow intake hood, which has a good working height of 53 centimetres so deeper falls of snow can be taken in. The ‘Xtreme Auger’, is kept from impact damage by shear bolts, while the intake hood has integrated snow skids which are adjust, so you can raise the hood up and height, clear on uneven or loose surfaces like gravel or shingle. Self-propelled, the MTD ME 66 Snow Blower has tough wide 16