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Price reductions at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - September 27th, 2013.
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Price cut on this item at Garden Centre Online

Mini Orchard Collection 200049 20-00-49

Mini Orchard Collection 200049 20-00-49 was £54.96 now £24.96
Delicious! There is no better taste than that of home-grown fruit. With flavours that supermarkets cannot rival, having your very own mini orchard is a sure way of eating the best fruit around. With naturally sweet, succulent, bumper crops year after year you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors! What’s more, you can expect to pick your first crop possibly in the first season…and with an explosion of delicately scented blossom you’ll always know when spring has arrived Your collection will include the following: Conference Pear – An abundance of creamy white blossom and mid-green foliage creates an umbrella of soft colour for the naturally sweet and succulent British Conference Pear, whose skin holds back a tidal wave of delicious flavour that is simply sublime. Morello Cherry – Pies, Preserves and Cherry Beer! If these words set your juices flowing then look no further…all you need is a Morello Cherry tree in your garden, patio pot or even on your balcony! This sour cooking cherry is perfectly suited to the UK climate and with its seductive opaque fruit and succulent flavour it’s ever popular for making desserts, syrups and liqueurs. Golden Delicious – An apple that needs no introduction! Golden Delicious is found in fruit bowls, cafeterias and supermarkets around the worldbut the taste you get from the shop bought packs cannot rival the crisp, fresh taste and great aroma that comes from your own home-grown trees. Victoria Plum A taste you’ll always remember! The Victoria Plum Tree is a popular classic with its prolific canopy of fluffy white blossom. The incredibly lush flavours will set your taste buds tingling and leave your mouth watering for more. Position Will grow almost anywhere sun or partial shade, can be grown in large pots, or at the back of a border as a bush or feature small tree. It can also be used as a highly scented flowering hedge. Skill level Easy to grow  Hardiness Very hardy garden plant Soil type Any well drained garden soil Flowering Time Late spring (May-June) Flower colour White or Pink Blossom Foliage Mid to dark green heart shaped leaves Height 3-4m (9-12ft) can be contained by pruning.  Spread 1-2m (3-6ft) can be contained by pruning.  After Care Requires no regular aftercare, can be pruned directly after flowering to maintain shape and size Feed With general fertilizer and mulch of garden compost or manure around the base of the plant in early spring Watering Water well after planting and throughout the first growing season Wildlife Bees and butterflies will love the nectar rich blossom as the fruit trees come into season Plant type (Perennial Deciduous Shrub) This means, it’s a woody garden plant that will flower for many years and will drop its leaves in winter. Supplied As a Bare Rooted plant or root ball approx 5-6FT in height.