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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 28th, 2013.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these items

MD 48T Tow-Behind Plug Aerator (Showroom Model)

MD 48T Tow-Behind Plug Aerator (Showroom Model) was £149.00 now £99.00
A good, healthy lawn needs constant care and maintenance and aerating is a vital part of this process. A very broad working width of 1.2 metres makes this aerator the ideal machine for looking after a large lawn, or lawns, and it can be moved from area to area easily, courtesy of the handy, lever operated, transport adjustment. Just raise the coring points to move, lower them to work. The aerating is carried out by 32 hollow coring points, which remove small plugs of earth and turf from the lawn, allowing soil that has become compacted to loosen and, like a spiked aerator, allowing water, air and sunlight to nourish and nurture the roots, encouraging healthy growth. Plug aerators are particularly beneficial for lawns based on clay soils. The aerator has a flat area on top (the tray) on which you can place weights to make penetration even deeper and the MD 48T Tow-Behind Aerator has coring points which can dig in up to 75 millimetres. The weight capacity of the tray is 63.5kg. Wide rubber tyres are fitted to the wheels, to ensure a smooth run without damaging your lawn and they are patterned for added grip in wet weather. A hitch pin enables the aerator to be towed behind all models of ride-on.

McCulloch CS380 Petrol Chainsaw (40.6cm Guide-Bar) (Showroom Model)

McCulloch CS380 Petrol Chainsaw (40.6cm Guide-Bar) (Showroom Model) was £199.95 now £149.00
If you’re looking for a powerful and dependable chainsaw for general-purpose use around the house and garden, then the McCulloch CS380 could well be the machine for you. Making the McCulloch CS380 tick is a high-performance 38.2cc two-stroke engine that employs the American manufacturer’s advanced OxyPower technology which works to reduce fuel-consumption by 20-percent; and emissions by a massive 70-percent. ‘Soft Start’ ensures only a light pull on the starter-rope is need for ignition; while a combined choke / stop control significantly lessens the likelihood of carburettor flooding. The McCulloch CS380 Petrol Chainsaw features tool-free chain-tensioning, so you can make performance-boosting adjustments in a matter of seconds. It has a dual-action chain-brake, which kicks-in instantly should the saw strike a knot in the wood (it can also be activated manually); and it comes equipped with an integrated combi-tool, which is always immediately to hand should you need it. This lightweight (5.2kg) and easy-to-control machine offers numerous comfort-enhancing features, including a steel-spring anti-vibration system; soft-grip handles; conveniently-grouped controls; and a low centre-of-gravity. Additional benefits include a centrifugal air-purger for reduced wear on key engine parts; and a manual fuel-pump for consistent first or second pull starts. A series of felling-marks allows for precision cutting.

Tanaka THT-2520S Hedge Cutter (Ex Demo - 1 Hour)

Tanaka THT-2520S Hedge Cutter (Ex Demo – 1 Hour) was £379.00 now £299.00
Built to exacting standards and packed with premium features, the Tanaka THT-2520S is one of the finest domestic-use hedgetrimmers currently in production. Suitable for large-scale trimming and shaping applications, it’s fitted with a set of extra-long 76cm blades that are double-sided for the rapid completion of any given task. The tooth-pitch is a generous 35cm, so thick, woody growth can be tackled with confidence. The Tanaka THT-2520S Hedgecutter offers optimised weight-distribution and weighs just 4.9kg; a combination that allows for long periods of virtually fatigue-free use. A five-step adjustable Quick-Twist™ rear-handle gives enhanced control and manoeuvrability, thereby making the creation of intricate shapes much simpler. Power for this model comes from a very high-performance 26cc two-stroke motor that’s characterised by its clean-running, low noise operation (Tanaka’s Sound Reduction System lessens sound-output by an impressive 44%). Engine features include Sure-Start, which drastically reduces the force that has to be applied to the starter mechanism; and a chrome-lined cylinder for dependable performance in the face of continuous periods of heavy-duty use.

Toro 20956 ES Steel Deck Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS / Electric Start) (Shop Soiled - scratches on handles + deck)

Toro 20956 ES Steel Deck Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS / Electric Start) (Shop Soiled – scratches on handles + deck) was £499.00 now £419.00
Toro 20956 ES Steel Deck Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS / Electric Start) This high-quality but affordable steel-decked mulching mower from Toro incorporates numerous premium features, including a stress-busting electric starter and an effort-saving AutoMatic Drive System. It employs Toro’s innovative Recycle-on-Demand technology, whereby you can switch from collection to mulching at the pull of a lever; and it’s equipped with a veneered cutter-blade that works with a clipping-accelerator to ensure fantastic collection-performance in all conditions. Power is supplied by a very high-performance 190cc 675-Series engine from Brigg & Stratton. If you’re looking for a powerful, versatile and solidly-built lawn mower that won’t break the bank, then the Toro 20956 Steel Deck Recycler ticks all the boxes. It’s driven by a top-quality 190cc Briggs & Stratton Quantum 675-Series engine, which, thanks to its overhead-valve configuration, you’ll find ultra-reliable; highly economical; and smooth and quiet in operation. An electric starter does away with the problems so often experienced with recoil-type ignitions. A flexible two-in-one machine, the Toro 20956 Recycler allows you to choose between bagging and mulching (recycling) cut-grass. Unlike most dual-function machines, which require tools and/or a mulch-plug to switch modes, this model requires a just simple pull on a lever. Thanks its generous 55cm working-width and ADS (AutoMatic Drive System), the Toro 20956 Steel Deck Recycler will enable you to cover a large area with minimal effort expended. Toro’s ADS system automatically matches the mower’s forward-speed to your step, so there’s no need to stop to change gear in order to adjust the ground-speed. The Toro 20956 offers exceptional performance in terms of both cutting and collection, with its clipping-accelerator and veneered blade combining to provide the finest cutting-system Toro has to offer. Other notable feature include an adjustable height-of-cut (25 – 102), which makes it possible to deal with a variety of grass-conditions; and a robust steel-deck, which provides a strong and durable cutting-platform. A capacious 60-litre works to minimise downtime.