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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - October 5th, 2013.
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New items today at MowDirect

Cub Cadet CC1024KHN Lawn Tractor

Cub Cadet CC1024KHN Lawn Tractor £3799.00
An extremely powerful garden tractor with superior features suitable for both lawns and rougher ground. New to the Cub Cadet range of superior tractors, the CC1024KHN is suitable for formal lawns as well as rougher ground. It has a 41\”/105cm non-timed deck for greater reliability and comes equipped with an extremely powerful 24 hp Kawasaki V Twin Engine. The Cub Cadet CC1024KHN utilizes the unique \”Direct Collect®\” bagging system for collecting in wet or dry conditions and has an extremely smooth blade engagement, together with many other features you would expect from such a superior tractor. Hydrostatic drive offering you gearless transmission and instant movement from forwards to reverse and a cast iron axle for extra strength are also featured. The Cub Cadet CC1024KHN is equipped with a ‘cut in reverse’ safety system. This unique feature enables the operator to select, if safe, an overide system to allow the unit to operate with the cutters engaged in reverse. The CC1024KHN incorporates a power bag-lift enabling easy emptying of the massive 350 litre grass collector, an hour and service meter and a bumper bar to give added protection to your tractor. And to keep your investment clean and in top working order each time you use your machine, this model is equipped with deck cleaning nozzles that are designed to fit a standard hose fitting.

Efco EF72C/13H Ride-On Mower with Hydrostatic Drive & Electric Key Start (Special Offer)

Efco EF72C/13H Ride-On Mower with Hydrostatic Drive & Electric Key Start (Special Offer) £2295.00
The Efco EF72C/13H has a compact 71cm width-of-cut, so it’s perfect for areas that are slightly to big to tackle with a larger walk-behind mower (it’s suitable for lawns around 3000m2). Key amongst many high-specification features is its manoeuvrability-enhancing hydrostatic-drive. Controlled intuitively using a foot-pedal, this allows for infinitely-variable adjustment of the ground-speed, making it possible to slow down to a crawl when mowing around obstacles, before speeding up for unimpeded straight-line runs. The engine on the Efco EF72C/13H Ride-On Mower is a commercial-grade unit from world-leading U.S. manufacturers Briggs & Stratton, so powerful, reliable performance is a certainty. An electric key start eliminates the problems that are commonly encountered with recoil-type ignitions. Thanks to its five-stage cutting-height, the EF72C/13H has the flexibility to deal with a variety of weather conditions and grass-lengths. It’s fitted with a cavernous 170-litre grass-collector, so visits to the compost pile will be few and far between; and it features an audible ‘bag full’ buzzer, which lets you know when the discharge-chute is at risk of becoming blocked. So as to ensure a consistent, scalp-free cut when operating on undulating terrain, this model has been equipped with a floating deck that closely follows the ground contour. Other key features include automatic bag-emptying for a faster work-rate; and a deck mounted hosepipe attachment for hassle-free cleaning of the undercarriage.

Efco EF72C/12.5KM Ride-On Mower with Electric Key Start (Special Offer)

Efco EF72C/12.5KM Ride-On Mower with Electric Key Start (Special Offer) £1680.00
Compact, simple to operate and highly manoeuvrable, this attractively-priced ride-on from Efco is ideal for larger areas with narrow gateways; obstacles; and tight corners to negotiate. It’s driven by a professional-grade Briggs & Stratton I/C AVS engine (12.5hp), which employs an overhead-valve configuration that delivers superior fuel-economy, and smooth, maintenance-light operation. The incorporation of an electric key ignition means there’s no need to grapple with a starter-cord in order to get the engine going. The Efco EF72C/12.5KM Ride-On Mower has been equipped with a six-speed transmission (5 + 1), so there’s a forward speed to suit all manner of grass-types and ground conditions. A ‘Soft Start’ clutch ensures smooth engagement with reduced wear on key components. Highly versatile, the EF72C/12.5KM has a five-stage adjustable cutting-height and can be used with the optional quick-fit mulch-plug. It’s fitted with a hugely capacious 170-litre grass-bag, so the job can be finished with very few emptying-breaks; and it features an audible ‘bag full’ alarm that works to prevent overfilling and the subsequent blocking of the discharge-chute. In order to avoid scalping or missed patches when working on undulating ground, the cutter-deck on the Efco EF72C/12.5KM tilts to follow the contours of the terrain. A wash port on the deck makes it easy to keep the underside clean; while automatic bag-emptying ensures you won’t have to leave the driver’s seat for the duration of the task. This model’s 71cm width-of-cut makes it ideally suited to areas up to 3000m2.

Lawnflite 603 RT Lawn Tractor

Lawnflite 603 RT Lawn Tractor £1499.00
The 603RT lawn tractor features the Lawnflite single blade \”Direct Collect\” system for the best cut in all conditions: a large turbo fan assister, coupled with a heavy duty high lift cutter blade, physically throws and blows grass cuttings direct into the closely mounted catcher through a large sized chute preventing blockages and clumps of grass being left on the lawn. The 30\” cutting width is ample for gardens up to 2 acres and the extra compact build of the 603 tractor is suited to the more confined parts of your garden as well as difficult to negotiate areas, such as lawns with flowerbeds, trees and bushes etc. The cutter deck is also offset on the left hand side, giving the ability to cut right up to lawn edges and obstacles. An infinitely variable foot operated transmission system is featured that allows gradual and smooth acceleration from neutral to selected top speed. Normal grass collection at crawl speed allows efficient and safe operation in confined areas.

Lawnflite 76E Mini Rider

Lawnflite 76E Mini Rider £1199.00
Large enough to cover a substantial lawn with speed and efficiency, but small enough to fit through narrow gateways, this compact ride-on from Lawnflite is the obvious choice for anyone seeking to step-up from a walk-behind mower. Thanks to its narrow 76cm cutting-width and impressively tight 46cm turning-circle, the Lawnflite 76E Mini Rider is easy to realign at the end of each pass and can be driven safely around and between obstacles. Manoeuvrability is further enhanced by a six-speed change-on-the-move Transmatic transmission, which provides foot-pedal control of the ground-speed. The Lawnflite 76E has two standard mowing-modes: mulching, which is ideal for short, dry grass; and side-discharge, which comes into its own on long, damp grass. A capacious grass-collector can be purchased separately. In order to help you manage changing weather-conditions and grass-lengths, Lawnflite have equipped the 76E with five centrally selected cutting-heights. The cutter-deck has been laterally displaced for ‘up-to-the-edge’ mowing; and it floats so as to ensure the blade follows the contours of undulating ground. Making the Lawnflite 76E tick is a high-powered and ultra-dependable 11.6hp four-stroke engine from MTD. There’s an electric starter, so getting the engine going will be a stress-free operation every single time. Other key features include wide turf-saving drive-wheels, which work to keep the lawn surface in pristine condition; and a large-capacity 4.9-litre fuel-tank for longer run-times between refuelling-breaks.

SCH TS98 Heavy-duty Leaf Sweeper

SCH TS98 Heavy-duty Leaf Sweeper £1049.00
Getting rid of large quantities of leaves, twigs and other debris just became a whole lot easier with this versatile, powerful towable sweeper from heavyweight problem solvers SCH.It is constructed to last even with prolonged heavy use, as you would expect from SCH and has a differential mechanism on the brushes give great manoeuvrability to the sweeper, letting it into and out of tight corners without the wheels ‘scuffing’. This differential also means both of the wheels drive the sweeping brushes so it picks up with more power and efficiency. The drive is transmitted via sturdy, all-metal gears.There is simple, user-friendly height adjustment and the large capacity catcher/container is corrosion and weather proof, being made from high quality plastic. The catcher/container’s capacity is a generous 270 litres.When tipping, only two wheels are in contact with the ground, making it easier and more efficient.The TS98 comes with a useful collection sheet as standard.

Ardisam Vector Petrol Tiller

Ardisam Vector Petrol Tiller £379.00
Whether you’re looking to aerate between crop rows, or to prepare larger areas for planting or seeding, this high-specification petrol tiller from Ardisam will more than meet your needs.At its heart is a uniquely configured uni-body frame that works to reduce its overall-footprint and lower the centre-of-gravity; a combination that makes it supremely stable and easy to control. The Ardisam Vector Petrol Tiller has been fitted with four 15cm-dimeter cast-iron tines that operate far faster than those found on larger tillers (up to 200rpm), thereby ensuring you’ll be able to get the job done in quick-time (the working-width can be set to either 28cm, 40cm, or 53cm by simply removing or fitting the outer tines and tine-guards).A gear-driven driven transmission delivers durability and superior torque-transfer; while ergonomic three-step height-adjustable handlebars provide optimum user-comfort.Thanks to its adjustable working-depth, the Ardisam Vector is just as at home tackling light surface-weeding as it is cultivating areas of virgin ground. Power for this model is supplied by a 98cc horizontal-type four-stroke Viper engine.

Mitox 271-MT Petrol Multi-Tool (Showroom Model)

Mitox 271-MT Petrol Multi-Tool (Showroom Model) £269.00
Combining a grass-trimmer, brushcutter, pole-pruner and articulating hedgetrimmer, the Mitox 271-MT Petrol Multi-Tool provides a convenient and economical all-in-one solution for the serious gardener. Unlike many multi-tool packages, all the attachments are supplied as standard, saving you a significant amount of money. Grass-Trimmer The grass-trimmer attachment is used with a nylon-line head and is the ideal tool for keeping your lawn edges neat and tidy. An ergonomic ‘loop’-type handle makes it comfortable and easy to control. Brushcutter Equipped with a heavy-duty three-tooth metal-blade, the Brushcutter attachment is capable of clearing areas of thick grass and established brush. Thanks to its ergonomic ‘loop’ handle, this attachment is comfortable and controllable. Pole-Pruner The pole-pruner attachment has an impressive overall reach of 2040mm, giving you access to all but the highest trees. Articulating Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer Attachment With its huge 2290mm reach and articulating blade, the long-reach hedgetrimmer attachments facilitates the safe trimming of high hedges, without the need for a ladder.

STIHL BR350 Backpack Leaf-Blower (Shopsoiled - Two Strips on Rear Air Vent Broken)

STIHL BR350 Backpack Leaf-Blower (Shopsoiled – Two Strips on Rear Air Vent Broken) £269.00
Paddocks; orchards; substantial lawns; and expansive gardens can all be tidied quickly and efficiently with this commercial-grade backpack blower from Stihl. At the heart of the machine lies an advanced two-stroke engine from the German manufacturers themselves. This groundbreaking 63.3cc power-pack offers increased power; faster acceleration; improved fuel-economy; and reduced emissions when compared to a standard two-stroke engine. The incorporation of STIHL’s ElastoStart technology minimises the ‘kick’ that’s generated during the ignition cycle, thereby making the job of starting the engine much more comfortable. Thanks to its ergonomic padded backpack-frame; thorough vibration-damping; and convenient multi-function handle, the STIHL BR350 Backpack Leaf-Blower can be used all day without putting too much stress and strain on the operator’s body. Both the oil and fuel filler-caps can be opened and closed without using tools. The following accessories can be purchased separately: Chest Belt; Straight Round Nozzle; Padded Hip-Belt; Bike Handle.