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by Sarah - October 11th, 2013.
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Oleo-Mac Artik 56 Dual-Stage Snow Blower (Manual Start)

Oleo-Mac Artik 56 Dual-Stage Snow Blower (Manual Start) £499.00
Increasingly popular in the UK, dual-stage snow-blowers like this fine example from Italian brand Oleo-Mac are a fast, low-effort way to keep drives and pathways clear during the winter period. The Oleo-Mac Artik 56 boasts a two-stage turbine system with unmerciless toothed blades that will cut-through and churn-up compacted snow without problem. The broken-up snow is then ejected up to 12m clear of the machine via a 190˚ height-adjustable and 70˚ vertically-adjustable discharge-chute.Driving the Oleo-Mac Artik 56 Dual-Stage Snow Blower is a very high-powered 182cc Loncin overhead-valve engine that’s been specifically designed to cope with sub-zero temperatures. A set of deep-tread Snow Hog tyres provide essential traction on icy surfaces; while Oleo-Mac’s provision of five forward-speeds and two reverse works to maximise manoeuvrability.Also featured are adjustable sliders, which enable you to adjust your working height to suit conditions, and so protect the turbines and the ground from damage.