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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - October 16th, 2013.
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GreenFingers reduced the price on these items today

Botanico Capillary Matting .56m x 1.80m

Botanico Capillary Matting .56m x 1.80m was £11.99 now £5.99
Keep your plants moist due to the natural capillary action of this special matting. Idea for greenhouses and indoor plants simply place plants on matting with one part of the matting in a reservoir of water such as a sink and the matting will do the rest. 56cm x 180cm.

Traditional Broomstick | Besom Broom

Traditional Broomstick | Besom Broom was £8.99 now £5.99
This versatile hand made besom broom is a useful addition to a household. Sweep up or stage your cottage in a traditional manner. You will be surprised how efficient this can actually be at clearing away debris both indoors and outside. Alternatively have some fun and use this as a witches broomstick for your halloween decorations or costume. Give your halloween decor an authentic touch! Product information: Bamboo construction Handle length: 79cm Note: Overall length may vary due to being hand made from natural materials

Yeoman Advanced Handheld Dee Weeder

Yeoman Advanced Handheld Dee Weeder was £9.99 now £7.49
The Yeoman Advanced Handheld Dee Weeder is an invaluable multifunctional garden tool doing the job of several others. Ingenious and versatile it performs all the tasks of the traditional hoe hand fork trowel and much much more in just one tool. It is perfect for removing weeds and unwanted grass as well as hoeing and cultivating around plants. It sieves and recycles by separating soil from stones; rakes and cleans debris from between plants and edges borders. The forks and the elongated slots merge together to make a perfect tool for mixing fertilisers and compost and then allowing you to evenly spread it around your plants in precise areas so none is wasted. It has a soft aluminium fork with a soft comfortable rubberised handle. The fork is perfectly proportioned to rake out leaves or debris from between plants and ideal for aerating or cultivating entire rows. The raised sides are great for edging borders along paths and lawns and the spacing between the fork is designed to remove soil from roots whilst the slats will remove stones to recycle the soil in your garden. It really is a must-have garden tool for maintaining and cultivating your flower beds. Please see the video below.Dimensions: L30 x W10 x D5cm

Adorn Border Thermometer

Adorn Border Thermometer was £14.99 now £8.99
Keep an eye on the weather conditions and easily move this fabulous Adorn Border Thermometer around your garden as and when required. It can be placed in your garden border or even a large pot and is just perfect for patios and balconies too. A simple yet very attractive addition to any garden this unusual thermometer will make a lovely and very practical focal point wherever you place it. It also handily features an outer ring of Celsius readings and an inner ring of Fahrenheit readings. Weather resistantBattery operated with 2 quartz movementsMetal casingRequires 1 x AA battery (not included)Overall dimensions: W16 x D5 x H70cm highThermometer face: 16cm diameter

Botanico Standard Garden Obelisk 1.5m

Botanico Standard Garden Obelisk 1.5m was £29.99 now £14.99
Your climbing plants will love twisting and growing up this Standard Garden Obelisk. Made from a black PE coated tubular steel frame it is not only elegant and stylish but also durable and robust. A classic three leg design that will add shape to any part of your garden. You could grow beautiful climbers such as clematis and honeysuckle or mix them to give colour and fragrance or perhaps you want to grow peas and beans – whatever your choice this obelisk will add height and interest wherever it is placed.Dimensions: W23 x D9 x H100cmWeight: 3.73kg

Yeoman Advanced Geared Bypass Lopper & Garden Saw

Yeoman Advanced Geared Bypass Lopper & Garden Saw was £37.98 now £18.99
Tackle all your spring and autumn cuttings tasks with greater ease using the Yeoman Advanced Geared Bypass Lopper and Garden Saw. Ideal for pruning trees large shrubs and removing all live wood painlessly! Lightweight and strong the lopper features carbon steel blades with advanced gear technology for extra power and has comfort grips for easier handling. With 30% more power than a standard lopper this quality garden tool is a must-have for the serious gardener.Included in this great deal is the Yeoman Garden Saw which is also part of the Yeoman Advanced cutting range. It is a quality pruning saw with hardened and tempered large and small teeth; the small teeth start the cut and the large are for cutting fast through larger wet wood. Featuring a soft grip handle and a curved blade this saw will provide you with effortless cutting. A superb lightweight lopper and saw that are really comfortable to use and will give you strong and effective end results. Shock absorbent handlesLopper cuts stems up to 38mm diameterLopper: approx. L54cmSaw: approx. L56cm

Botanico Superior Garden Obelisk - 2m

Botanico Superior Garden Obelisk – 2m was £39.99 now £19.99
A wonderful decorative focal point for any garden this Superior Garden Obelisk has a traditional four leg design with a stylish finial that provides the finishing touch. It will not only add height and elegance wherever it is placed but also give vital support to your climbers and the horizontal supports enable your climbers to get a hold.Made from a black PE coated tubular steel frame this charming obelisk is also durable and robust. It is perfect for your climbing plants small trees or roses. Why not mix your climbers to add extra colour and fragrance to your eye-catching display clematis and honeysuckle make excellent choices. Dimensions: W41.5 x D5.5 x H121cmWeight: 6.71kg

Neudorff Insect Hotel

Neudorff Insect Hotel was £49.99 now £47.99
This Neudorff Insect Hotel is a great nesting and hibernation aid for beneficial insects visiting your garden. It is handcrafted from entirely natural sustainable materials and is simply hung up in the garden in a sunny position where it is protected from rain. The beneficial effects of the hotel are twofold: it attracts important pollinators into the garden whilst at the same time encouraging useful insects such as bees ladybirds and lacewings to make your garden their home. It is also a fun education tool for children who can see for themselves how beesclose up their nest openings and even provides a front row seat for when theirlarvae hatch. It is designed to combine interactivity education and conservation and features a range of habitats for interest and year

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