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New products at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - October 20th, 2013.
Filed under: Jersey Plants, New Products.

Van Meuwen has these new items today

Wisteria (Standard) - 1 plant in 11cm pot

Wisteria (Standard) – 1 plant in 11cm pot £29.99
This stunning wisteria has been trained as a standard so that you can enjoy its classic beauty and fragrance in even a small garden. Pendants of purple blooms hang gracefully from woody twining stems. An enchanting focal point when planted in lawns and borders, or grown in large patio containers. Height of stem supplied: 60cm (24") in an 11cm pot. Decorative pot not supplied.

Magnolia (Standard) - 1 plant

Magnolia (Standard) – 1 plant £29.99
Large goblet shaped flowers unfurl their delicate petals in spring. Grown as a standard, this beautiful deciduous Magnolia is compact enough for a pot on the patio, or as a focal point in narrow borders. Ultimate height: 150-200cm (60-80"). Ultimate spread: 90cm (36"). Height of stem supplied 132cm (52").Useful links:How to plant trees and shrubs

Photinia 'Red Robin' - 1 plant in 21cm pot

Photinia ‘Red Robin’ – 1 plant in 21cm pot £29.99
Prized for its brilliant red young foliage, this hardy evergreen shrub is deservedly popular. Clusters of dainty white flowers appear in spring, followed by small red berries. With regular pruning, Photinia is easily maintained as a standard and makes an attractive feature for borders and patio containers all year round. Height: 150cm (59") Spread: 60cm (24").Ceramic pot not supplied.Useful links:How to plant trees and shrubs

Azalea (Standard) - 1 plant

Azalea (Standard) – 1 plant £29.99
EvergreenStriking scarlet bloomsStriking scarlet blooms smother this elegant evergreen Azalea in spring. So floriferous that the glossy green foliage almost disappears beneath a mass of colour! Compact and slow growing, this hardy shrub makes an excellent low maintenance specimen for acid borders and containers. Height of stem when supplied 60-80cm (24-32"). Pot not supplied.Useful links:How to plant trees and shrubs

Lilac (Dwarf Standard) - 1 plant

Lilac (Dwarf Standard) – 1 plant £29.99
Exquisite fragranceCompact and slow-growingPerfect for borders and containersClusters of red buds open to reveal a mass of exquisitely perfumed lavender-pink flowers in May and June. Compact and slow growing, this pretty lilac tree is perfectly suited to borders and patio containers. Height: 1.5m (5’) Supplied as a 60cm (24 ") plant. Useful links:How to plant trees and shrubsCulinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. Click here for more details about edible flowers.

Hardy Ice Plant - 20 plug plants - mixed colours

Hardy Ice Plant – 20 plug plants – mixed colours £24.96
Excellent ground coverInteresting new coloursDrought tolerantThe fleshy creeping stems of these hardy Ice Plants make ideal ground cover on sunny banks and poor stony soils. The showy daisy-like flowers of Delosperma create a carpet of intense colour, in exclusive new shades that will stop you in your tracks. This vibrant collection of drought tolerant Ice Plants is perfect for hot, dry areas where many other plants would fail to establish. Height: 10cm (4"). Spread: 60cm (24").

Bamboo (Hedging) - 5 plug plants

Bamboo (Hedging) – 5 plug plants £19.99
A vigorous, hardy and easy-to-grow bamboo with graceful arching stems and bright green leaves all year round. The towering canes form a dense thicket, making Phyllostachys bissetii an excellent plant for creating evergreen hedges and screens. Alternatively grow it in a large container as an architectural patio plant! Height: 4m (13’). Spread: 3m (10’).

Geranium 'Blue Sybil' (Trailing) - 10 plug plants

Geranium ‘Blue Sybil’ (Trailing) – 10 plug plants £14.98
Dainty rose-like buds open to reveal magnificent fully double blooms. Free flowering and easy to grow, this cascading Ivy leaf geranium is one of the most reliable flowering plants for a torrent of trailing summer colour. Exceptional in containers, hanging baskets, Flower Pouches™ and window boxes. Stems trail to 45cm (18"). Supplied as 40mm plugs.

Geranium 'Mexicana' (Trailing) - 10 plug plants

Geranium ‘Mexicana’ (Trailing) – 10 plug plants £14.98
Ivy leaved geraniums are immensely popular and have advanced to the newly bred double flowered varieties. This variety has been selected from the world’s leading breeders. Masses of flowers are produced on long trailing stems from June until October. Delight in their vibrant colours as they cascade from your hanging baskets, Flower Pouches™ and window boxes. Stems trail to 60cm (24"). Supplied as 40mm plugs.