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New products at Lawn Mowers UK

by Sarah - October 22nd, 2013.
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Lawn Mowers UK has these new items today

Tanaka TEA 500 Two Man Auger (without bit)

Tanaka TEA 500 Two Man Auger (without bit) £875.00
The Tanaka TEA-500 post hole borer is a 2 person operation earth/post auger powered by a 50cc 2-stroke petrol engine which produces 1.9kw of power, with dual throttles for better user protection. The wrap around handles have anti-vibration foam covers which give extra user comfort and control. The handles on the TEA-500 can fold up and down easily for storing or transportation to and from work sites. A machine like the Tanaka TEA-500 is used to quickly drill down large, deep holes. Although shown with the bit attached the actual machine is supplied without the auger bits. The Tanaka TEA 500 has a 25mm shaft and can take auger drill bits up to 250mm in diameter. There is a choice of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm diameter drill bits which can be ordered separately. Please Note : Image shown with auger bit attached but not included. Specifications: Engine : 50cc Maximum Power : 1.9kW Fuel : unleaded petrol Oil : 2 stroke Fuel Tank Capacity : 1000cc Dimensions : 1,200 x 600 x 490mm Weight : 17kg

Tanaka TRB 65EF Petrol Back Pack Blower

Tanaka TRB 65EF Petrol Back Pack Blower £698.00
Tanaka TRB 65EF knap sack leaf and debris blower. The Tanaka TRB 65EF is driven by a powerful 65cc 2 stroke engine with a maximum power output of 2.9 kW and air volume rate of 15.5m³. Normally used by professional and commercial operators, back pack and knap sack leaf blowers are suited to outdoor clearing up on a large scale. Frequently used on large parks, estates, car parks, large drives, pathways and pavements. The Tanaka TRB-65EF garden blower has a multi-point anti-vibration frame so the user’s comfort is improved. The swivel/flexible blower tubes mean any angle is easy to reach without shifting your body position, comfortable front handle. The pivoting engine control arm on the TRB 65EF provides for easy access to the throttle and stop switch. Specifications: Engine : 65cc Max Power : 2.9 kW Fuel Tank Capacity : 2 litres Fuel : unleaded petrol Oil : 2 stroke Air Velocity : 87 m/sec Air Volume : 15.5m³/min Weight : 9.9kg Dimensions (LxWxH) : 350 x 480 x 490mm Warranty : 2 Years Domestic

Tanaka TCS 51EAP Purefire 18 Inch Bar Petrol Chainsaw

Tanaka TCS 51EAP Purefire 18 Inch Bar Petrol Chainsaw £610.00
Tanaka TCS 51EAP petrol saw with 18 inch cutter bar. The Tanaka TCS 51EAP chain saw is a heavy duty petrol saw suited for both forestry and general applications. The Tanaka brand has been part of the Hitachi Koki machinery group since 2007. Fitted with a powerful 50cc 2 stroke engine the Tanaka TCS51 EAP has a power output of 2.6kW and the built in decompressor means the saw can be started with 70% less force. The PureFire engine fitted to this Tanaka chain saw achieves lower emissions and better fuel consumption. Suitable for prolonged use a PureFire engine gives out less CO compared with traditional 2-stroke engines. Specifications: Engine : 50cc PureFire 2 stroke Max Power : 2.6kW Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.53 litre Oil Tank Capacity : 0.27 litre Guide Bar Length : 18