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Plant fleece

by Diane - October 29th, 2013.
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Essential for tender plants in frost. Wrap them up to protect them!

Fleece frost protection
Frost Fleece protects from cold winds and frosts warms up soil and protects aga inst insects and birds. 17gsm It provides -6oc protection and is porous to enable wa tering without removal. Retains heat in winter and gives shade in summer.

Frost cloche
Shrub protection covers made from heavy duty 70gsm fleece. Ideal for borders, vegetable plot or lawns. The Frost Cloche takes seconds to install with the ‘pop-up’ design and covers shrubs protecting both roots and foliage in extreme conditions. The material allows light and air to pass through but protects from freezing rain, wind and frost Frost cloche has been tested to 6C and creates a protective micro-climate around the plant utilising natural evaporation.

Giant easy fleece tunnel
An easy-to-use fleece tunnel that is made from high grade 30gsm polypropylene fleece. Creates warmth and insulation whilst allowing water and sunlight to filter through. Maintains a constant atmosphere for faster and surer growth. Protects from frost, strong sunlight and pests. Galvanised steel hoops are incorporated into the material to create a one piece, easy to use tunnel. Several tunnels can be joined together by overlapping their ends. The last section can be positioned open, partially open, or fully closed for complete protection. Height: 18″ (45cm) Width: 24″ (60cm) Length: 10ft (3m)

Pop up fleece tunnel
This fleece tunnel is perfect for protecting certain plants, fruit or vegetables in and around your garden. It comes complete with a unique pop up construction which is ready in seconds and includes a 30g fleece cover designed to provide all year round protection. It is also supplied in a carry bag for ease of storage when not in use. Dimensions: Length: 380cm Width: 200cm

Tunnel hoops
The 6 hoops that make up this pack have been preserved naturally and then treated with Tung oil to help extend their life. They are ideal for the allotment and vegetable garden, or for just helping to give tender young plants a little added protection. Simply poke them into the ground to form a tunnel and then cover the tunnel with fleece or netting fabrics. Please Note: the pack only includes the bamboo hoops and any neeting or fleece (as seen in the pictures) will have to be purchased seperately. Measurements: 50cm (1ft 6in) x 1m (3ft 3in)

Winter fleece plant covers
High performance plant protection jackets , which are made of heavy duty (35 gsm) fleece in an attractive shade of green. They are suitable for hanging baskets, and potted plants, as well as those planted out in the border. Available in three sizes: Small – 80cm height x 60cm wide Medium – 100cm height x 80cm wide Large – 180cm height x 120cm wide