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Help with watering

by Diane - October 29th, 2013.
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These items from Crocus can help you water your plants more easily.

The auto-watering gadget is great if you’ve got a greenhouse you want to keep well watered. Saves you time and energy and will ensure less problems like blossom end rot on tomatoes which can be caused by irregular watering.

Automatic solar watering system
Automatic watering for up to 5 large hanging baskets 12 x 20 litre pots. For use with water butts and other non-pressured water sources. Waters automatically every 3 hours but the amount supplied varies depending upon the weather. Can supply up to 36 drippers and is suitable for beds, baskets, vegetables, pots, grow bags, specimen plants and tree establishment. This irrigation kit for use with a water butt or tank includes: 1x Solar pump unit 1x Anti siphon device 1x Inlet filter 1x 15m tube 12x each drips, stakes, tees

Karcher water butt pump SB 2200 – submersible Pump
Ideal for pumping water directly from your water butt onto plants in the garden. It can be used with a hose pipe or attached to a soaker hose. The pump can also be used to drain ponds, hot tubs and small swimming pools or even for washing the car. The float switch automatically turns the pump off when the water level has dropped so no worrying when your water butt is about to get low of water. It is supplied with a swan neck pipe which enables it to sit near the bottom of the water butt and will fit all water butts. It also has a Hozelock-style male connector at the top so can be used with any Hozelock and Gardena hose end fitting. All you need to do is plug it in to standard 3 pin plug (we recommend a RCD adaptor as with any electrically powered device) and start pumping your stored water. The pump prevents the need for lifting heavy watering cans and using expensive drinking water to water your plants. Features & Benefits: Pumps upto 2200 L/h of water an hour Suitable for water butts with the adjustable mounted clamp Float switch for automatic on/off operation Individual height adjustment Detachable pre-filter Filters particles up to 1mm Built in thermal motor protector keeps machine from running dry Comfortable carry handle Motor Capacity: 350W Max. Pressure: 1.1 bar Max. Particle Size: 1mm Max. Immersion Depth: 8m Weight: 4.2kg Control and Shut-Off Valve Pump Diameter: 157mm (170mm including catch on the base) 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty Please note due to the size of the pump and the housing it will not fit in the Harcostar 700 litre rain water tank without cutting a hole in the top of the tank

3P Rain water filter for water butts
The Rain water filter is a great way to filter water in to your water butt or tank. It removes leaves from the water, ensuring no dark sludge, less algae and less blocking too. How it works Water and debris is carried down the down pipe in the normal way Clean filtered water is diverted sideways in to storage Waste and excess (overflow) water is diverted back down your downpipe automatically The Filter has a open and closed position – In the open possition it will divert water to the water butt when the water butt is full it automatically diverts water back to the downpipe. In the closed possiti on you can stop water reaching to the water butt completely. i.e. in winter if you dont want to store water. Fits all down-pipes from 65mm square to 100mm round The box does not say but It will also fit 110mm round down pipes although it is a tight fit The instructions do say it will fit 110mm drain pipes. however, please note the drain pipe will only push in approx 5mm at the top of the filter unit. (Do not force the drain pipe into the filter further for 110 mm downpipes) Includes adapater and reduction sets which makes installation easy If you are buying this to fit to a Harcostar water butt you will also need to buy a 3P connector kit so as to attach it to your water butt. This includes a cutting tool which will cut the existing hole on the Harcostar water butt making it larger it fit the 3P water filter. See Links below Got a cast-iron down pipe? This filter will fit some cast-iron down pipes though it does depend on the internal diameter of the cast-iron down pipe, which needs to be at least 65mm or larger to fit. Please check your down pipes before cutting them. It is advisable to seek a professional help (i.e. plumber or builder) to cut cast-iron pipes as they can shatter if not cut correctly. Depending on the down pipe, it may only go into the filter by 4-5mm at the top The cast-iron pipe should remain supported by the wall brackets as the weight of the down pipe should not sit on the top of the filter.

Easy to grow kit
The Easy 2 Grow Kit ia a gravity fed watering system. You simply top up the 47 litre resevoir every few weeks adding liquid feed when needed. Water is only absorbed by the plants as needed, once the tank is full no further watering is required for at least 14 days. Kit comes complete with 1 x 47 litre tank, 2 x 8.5 litre pots, 1 x Tray, 1 x AQUA valve – allows water level to drain fully before refilling, ‘in line’ water filter and root control discs. A extension kit for the easy to grow kit is available see link below