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Spinach Seeds at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - November 5th, 2013.
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Spinach Fuji 500 Seeds
Sweet Taste With A Slight ShapnessThis cordon variety of Tomatoes ideally suited for growth both indoors and out. The sweet flavoured fruit have a minor sharpness, making them great for many recipes and can even be eaten straight from the plant. Be sure to leave room for them to trail.

Spinach Medania 300 Seeds
Home Grown Spinach Packed With FlavourTo be sown between August and September. An easy to grow variety of Spinach which produces masses of juicy leaves. Any excess harvest can be frozen. Contains vitamins A and C, Beta carotene, lutein and dietary fibre.

Leef Beet Perpetual Spinach 300 Seeds
Rich in Beta Carotene, Iron and Calcium.This is a high-quality Spinach and will continue to produce a bountiful harvest into the winter months if you keep up the maintenance. Harvest to ensure the growth of new leaves. A great all year round variety.