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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - November 6th, 2013.
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Crocus reduced the price on this product today

Alyogyne Magic Moments ('Hutwow')  (PBR) (lilac hibiscus)

Alyogyne Magic Moments (‘Hutwow’) (PBR) (lilac hibiscus) was £19.99 now £14.99
Position: sheltered, full sun Soil: most fertile, well-drained soils Flowering period: June to October Other features: ideal for planting in patio pots Hardiness: half hardy (will need winter protection) ‘Magic Moments’ is a beautiful new Alyogyne that will bloom repeatedly over a very long period. Compact and bushy, the finely divided evergreen foliage forms on well branched stems, and remains attractive throughout the year. The eye-catching, lilac-mauve flowers are approximately 5cm in diameter and appear in abundance from June to October. A native of Australia, it is closely related to the Hibiscus and is happiest in a sunny, sheltered spot (the base of a south-facing wall would be ideal) and once established it will have a good tolerance to drought. Magic Moments was raised in the UK by Graham Hutchins, an expert in Australian and New Zealand plants, based at County Park Nursery, Essex. It was discovered as a chance seedling from an interspecific hybrid. Garden Care: Apply a generous layer of dry mulch in autumn and avoid excessive winter wet. Plants will need protection from prolonged freezing tempertaures, so cover with frost fleece in colder areas, or grow them in pots which can be moved to a sheltered spot during the winter. Lightly trim from mid- to late spring.