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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - November 7th, 2013.
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New products today at Plant Me Now

Lamium maculatum Beacon Silver (5 plants)

Lamium maculatum Beacon Silver (5 plants) £10.00
Lamium is an excellent winter hardy plant grown for its beautiful foliage. Ideal for planting in mixed hanging baskets, containers and pots around the garden. Lamium maculatum Beacon Silver has beautiful silver and green foliage and produces small pink flowers in the summer.

Cyclamen Silverado White (5 plants)

Cyclamen Silverado White (5 plants) £10.00
Cyclamen Silverado White produces stunning crisp white flowers late autumn and into the winter. With its unique, eye-catching silver marbled foliage and fragrant flowers it has an abundance of appeal in pots and containers for a late year planting scheme. Ideal for growing on indoors and giving as a Christmas gift.

Cyclamen Metis Victoria (5 plants)

Cyclamen Metis Victoria (5 plants) £10.00
Our favourite Cyclamen! Cyclamen Metis Victoria is a fantastic variety and very tolerant to Botrytis, it’s our best performing Cyclamen with proven winter performance down to -8&degree;C Producing beautiful white flowers with a pink eye, Metis Victoria Cyclamen are solid, balanced plants and will bring joyful colour to your garden in those cooler months of the year. Height: 20-25cm

Wallflower Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour (5 plants)

Wallflower Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour (5 plants) £6.50
We love Sugar Rush wallflowers – the first hardy, scented F1 wallflower to flower in the autumn, overwinter and re-flower in abundance the following spring! Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour Wallflowers produce gorgeous purple flowers in the autumn and springtime – a great choice for mixed pots, containers and flower beds.

Viola Teardrops Blueberry (5 plants)

Viola Teardrops Blueberry (5 plants) £6.00
New! Viola Teardrops – outstanding, profusely blooming and ideal for hanging baskets! With their floriferous, semi-trailing habit you’ll find these winter violas an excellent choice for your winter baskets and containers. Filling more space than a standard viola, they product a gorgeous display. Viola Teardrops Blueberry produce striking deep blue flowers with an orange centre and subtle whiskers. Height: 15-20cm, Spread: 30-35cm