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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - November 8th, 2013.
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Price reduction on this product at Suttons Seeds

Musk Melon Seeds - F1 Emir

Musk Melon Seeds – F1 Emir was £1.89 now £1.69
Part of the James Wong Homegrown Revolution Range.Early fruiting. Sweet, juicy melons that you can grow in your garden – no greenhouse required! This superb variety, which fruits outdoors even in the UK, produces exotic fruits with tasty, fragrant orange flesh. Plant out after the last frosts and just watch them grow! Tastes like: Cantaloupe melon. Origin: Africa. Latin name: Cucumis melo.Once thought of as a resolutely heat-loving species, recent breakthroughs in melon breeding have transformed these natives of the African desert into something that can reliably fruit outdoors even on our blustery North Atlantic island chain. Treat a couple of these trailing vines to your hottest, sunniest site and be duly rewarded with up to six fragrant gourds per vine, whose sugary sweetness is almost unrecognizable to the pre-sliced, packing foam version at your local supermarket.Give your plant the sunniest, most sheltered possible position in your garden. A covering of thin black plastic laid over the soil, through which the vines are planted, will help further absorb and retain the suns heat around the plants roots and stems. Even bin bags will do for this purpose, pinned down with a few hooks of wire, as long as you ensure enough water gets to the roots. For best results cover your young plants with open-ended plastic cloches to get them off to the best start until they start to come into flower. These should then be removed to allow the bees in to pollinate them and ensure plenty of fruit. Sow: April. Harvest: July-October.