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Price reductions at Waltons

by John - November 10th, 2013.
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Waltons discounted the price of hundreds of products today

GardenGuard™ Frost Cover

GardenGuard™ Frost Cover was £31.99 now £28.79
The GardenGuard™ Frost Cover is a breathable and translucent cover for your vegetable beds, flower beds or allotments. This cover protects plants from cold, frost, wind and over drying due to winter sun. This cover creates a natural micro-climate so you can grow healthy plants with a high yield. This cover has a strong fibre glass frame and is easy assemble; it simply pops up.This cover also protects your plants against pesky pests like insects or birds. This cover will protect your plants without the need to use chemical pest control. This cover is perfect if you’re looking to extend your growing season into autumn and the early winter months.***This GardenGuard™ Cover can be extended to fit any size vegetable patch or raised bed. Check our additional options for the extension kit.Please note: Delivery is FREE to most UK postcodes. Please check our delivery page for more information.

GardenGuard™ Hot Bed Cover

GardenGuard™ Hot Bed Cover was £31.99 now £28.79
This GardenGuard™ PVC Hot Bed Cover is perfect for both protecting your plants and helping maximize your garden yields. This hot bed features a strong fiberglass frame and is covered with a UV protected PVC cover. The Cover features zip openings so you can easily ventilate plants and also extend this cover.This product is ideal for use over vegetable beds or on allotments. It will protect your plants from bad weather, pets and pests. The PVC cover will also raise the temperature your plants grow in like a greenhouse so you can grow healthy plants! This hot bed is the perfect combination of both protecting your plants and ensuring you get the best yield from your garden.Please note: Delivery is FREE to most UK postcodes. Please check our delivery pages for more information.

GardenGuard™ All Round Cover

GardenGuard™ All Round Cover was £31.99 now £28.79
This GardenGuard™ All Round Cover is designed to protect your plants against heavy rain, hail stone, insects, bird and pets. This cover is large enough to fit over most vegetable gardens, allotments or flower beds. We know how important a garden can be and this clever cover will help you make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste. This All Round Cover has a simple pop-up assembly and features a strong fiberglass frame.This cover is suitable for all plants and can be used on seedlings or fully grown plants. This pop up guard is easy to assemble and can be pegged down to the ground with 14 steel pegs so it is fully secure. This pop up round cover is supplied with full instructions and a handy reusable bag so you can store the cover between seasons.***This GardenGuard™ Cover can be extended to fit any size vegetable patch or raised bed. Check our additional options for the extension kit.Please note: Delivery is FREE to most UK postcodes. Please check our delivery page for more information.

1200 x 900 x 150 Waltons Standard Wooden Raised Bed

1200 x 900 x 150 Waltons Standard Wooden Raised Bed was £38.95 now £35.06
Standing at 150mm (14.5cm) off the ground, this 1200mm x 900mm raised garden bed is perfect for a smaller garden or patio space, or it may even be placed on a balcony if desired. Its petite dimensions allow easier access to your crops and can create high quality areas of top soil. This garden bed can even enable you to create a large garden in a smaller space.With a geometry pleasing design, the shallowest raised garden bed in this range provides your garden with an attractive, modern and quality growing space, which boasts organisation and easy maintenance features. Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable{mso-style-name:”Table Normal”;mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0;mso-tstyle-colband-size:0;mso-style-noshow:yes;mso-style-parent:””;mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt;mso-para-margin:0cm;mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt;mso-pagination:widow-orphan;font-size:10.0pt;font-family:”Times New Roman”;mso-ansi-language:#0400;mso-fareast-language:#0400;mso-bidi-language:#0400;}

1500 x 900 x 150 Waltons Standard Wooden Raised Bed

1500 x 900 x 150 Waltons Standard Wooden Raised Bed was £39.95 now £35.96
Salads such as lettuce, radish and onions are also ideal for growing in this depth of raised garden bed, as they have low roots. The tray design of this size looks great with a selection of herbs outside in your garden or patio. This allows them to grow successfully with the deep soil allowing excellent drainage and is an easy and productive way to grow your own crops.The timber panels showcase a traditional and rustic look, and the rectangle shape of the raised garden bed allows neat and organised attire to your garden or patio space. When using more than one raised garden bed it is ideal to space them out to allow as much walking space as you need to tend between the garden beds with ease and simplicity.This shallow 1500mm x 900mm raised garden bed provides a large space for growing crops, and would be perfect for a quaint herb garden outside your kitchen door.

1800 x 900 x 150 Waltons Standard Wooden Raised Bed

1800 x 900 x 150 Waltons Standard Wooden Raised Bed was £43.95 now £39.56
The longer length of the series of 1800mm x 900mm raised beds as opposed to the rest of the collection ensures plenty of space for maximum planting of produce or flowers. The shallow 150mm raised garden bed is durable and can be placed anywhere in your garden or patio area, including on balconies or outside the back door to the kitchen for easy access if used as a herb garden. The 1800mm x 900mm Standard Raised Bed standing at 150mm above the ground ensures space saving capabilities; as plants are able to be spaced closer together as no room is needed to be left for stepping. This is also a fantastic feature to increase productivity per square foot. Plants obviously need air, and compared to ground garden beds raised garden beds greatly reduce soil compaction which ensures crops receive enough air, nutrients and water. The 150mm, shallow 1800mm x 900mm is a fantastic reliable and durable Standard Raised Garden Bed for optimal purposes.

1500 x 900 x 300 Waltons Standard Wooden Raised Bed

1500 x 900 x 300 Waltons Standard Wooden Raised Bed was £44.95 now £40.46
The depth of this raised garden bed allows room for fruits and vegetables with shallow root systems such as lettuce, radish and onions. It may also be perfect for shrubbery and a picturesque flower bed. The quality timber panels allow a sturdy build for the size of the raised garden bed, compared to other materials sometimes used such as plastic. The pine cladding showcases an attractive and organised way to grow crops within your garden space.Owning a Standard Raised Garden Bed increases water to the plants and vegetables, as the deep soil allows roots to stretch to reach essential nutrients and water as well as avoiding stepping on the soil of non raised beds. When using non raised beds for growing, stepping on the soil may be a common problem, which compacts soil more and therefore reduces the chances of plants being able to reach the water. However, our raised garden beds allow reduction on soil compaction and make it easier for crops to grow healthily.This 300mm deep raised garden bed is the perfect addition to your garden if salads, flowers and herbs are what you are seeking to grow.

2 x 3 Waltons Mini Cold Frame

2 x 3 Waltons Mini Cold Frame was £45.95 now £41.36
This mini cold frame ensures an internal greenhouse environment; with its integrated window lid designed for maximum sunlight exposure to the plants. The sturdy construction of the mini cold frame is produced through Baltic sourced pine, which is interlocked and results in a strong, hardwearing finish. The modern, eye catching design of the mini cold frame combines with its practical and efficient features to create an exceptional designed mini greenhouse. Its opening window lid is beneficial as it allows easy access when moving plants in and out and checking on them easily. Due to its low built assembly, this mini cold frame is a superb space saving opportunity, which may be placed in a variety of garden or patio environments. The low design of the cold frame also enables it to be placed easily in a majority of corners, which showcases its fantastic durability.Sturdy, versatile and charismatic, this mini cold frame is an ideal solution to space saving requirements, when a full size greenhouse is too large to accommodate.

1200 x 900 x 150 Waltons Deluxe Raised Bed

1200 x 900 x 150 Waltons Deluxe Raised Bed was £49.95 now £44.96
The quaint 150mm high 1200mm x 900mm Deluxe Raised Garden Bed combines small size with reliability.Ideal for a beautiful herb or flower garden, the shallowest of this range of raised garden beds showcases the quality you would expect from our brand. The quality cut pine cladding offers a strong and reliable build for the raised bed, as well as looking excessively more attractive than other material such as plastic sometimes used for garden beds.The shallow design allows this Deluxe Raised Garden Bed to be used for whatever your shallow root growing requirements may be, such as a herb garden, perfect for outside the kitchen door, or salads such as lettuce and cabbage. In the past, raised garden beds have been a tricky assembly process, but with our new range it takes the hassle out of construction time and allows you to enjoy your crops growing with ease.With a variety of exceptional quality features, the shallow 1200 x 900 x 150 Deluxe Raised Garden Bed provides the ideal environment for flower beds and herb gardens.


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