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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - November 16th, 2013.
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MowDirect reduced the price on these items today

Kawasaki KRH-300A Hand-Held Garden Leaf Blower

Kawasaki KRH-300A Hand-Held Garden Leaf Blower was £299.00 now £269.00
Whether you’re a commercial landscaper, or simply a homeowner who likes a tidy garden, this high-end petrol leaf-blower from Kawasaki won’t let you down. Its very high-powered 26.3cc two-stroke engine drives a turbine that produces an impressive maximum air-speed of 241km/h; and which will shift a huge 12.7m3 of air every minute. These figures serve to demonstrate why this model is so popular amongst professional gardeners. The Kawasaki KRH-300A Hand-Held Garden Leaf-Blower weighs a minimal 4.7kg and features an ergonomic hand-grip; a combination that means large-scale clear-up tasks can be completed in comfort.

Kawasaki KBH35 Brushcutter (Special Offer)

Kawasaki KBH35 Brushcutter (Special Offer) was £519.00 now £439.00
Built to the exacting standards that gardeners worldwide have come to expect from Kawasaki, this high-performance brushcutter will prove an invaluable purchase for those looking to frequently undertake substantial scrub and brush applications. It’s characterised by its superior fuel-efficiency, which is down to its special spherical combustion-chamber – a single fill of the 0.85-litre tank will allow you to work uninterrupted for 90-minutes. Vibration-damping works to reduce shock-transfer from the engine to the handlebar, thereby ensuring a more comfortable working experience. The Kawasaki KBH35 Brushcutter comes equipped with both a four-tooth metal brush-blade and nylon-line strimmer-head, so you can fit the one that best suits the type of job you’re undertaking. It has an ergonomic ‘cowhorn’-type handle, which confers excellent directional control; and it weighs in at a mere 6.5kg, so day-long use won’t prove overly strenuous. A full shoulder-harness is included.

Kawasaki KBH45 Brush Cutter (Special Offer)

Kawasaki KBH45 Brush Cutter (Special Offer) was £599.00 now £499.00
The Kawasaki KBH45 is a seriously powerful machine that’s recommended for the experienced landscape professional. It’s driven by a very high-performance 45.4cc two-stroke engine, which automatically tunes to the conditions in order to minimise the emission of harmful exhaust-particulates. The employment of a sintered clutch and an extra-large bevel-type transmission works to ensure that maximum amount of torque is delivered to the cutter-head. Capable of tackling everything from post-mowing tidying through to the clearance of long-established undergrowth, the Kawasaki KBH45 Brushcutter comes equipped as standard with a three-tooth metal blade and a nylon-line head (with large 2.4mm-diameter line). Other stand-out features include a high-volume fuel-tank (1-litre), which gives an impressive one-and-a-half-hours run-time on a single fill; and a full shoulder-harness that works to keep user-fatigue at bay for longer during time-consuming applications (the ergonomic ‘U’ handle and lightweight design (7.9kg) also contribute to user comfort).