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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - November 17th, 2013.
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New item at MowDirect

Efco DS3600-4S 4-Stroke Low Emission Professional Petrol Brushcutter

Efco DS3600-4S 4-Stroke Low Emission Professional Petrol Brushcutter £349.00
This professional petrol brushcutter from Efco combines high performance and superior comfort with a safer working environment thanks to its advanced 4-stroke engine technology. It’s ideal for maintaining overgrown grass areas and offers a modern solution to help meet the health and safety needs of commercial operators and local authorities. The engine on the Efco DS3600-4S 4-stroke Brushcutter produces 85% fewer unburned hydrocarbons and 65% less nitrous oxides than a standard 2-stroke machine. It not only provides a safer working environment for the operator but also releases far fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Four-stroke brushcutters also offers greater convenience and superior comfort. There is no 2-stoke fuel mixture to prepare and starting is far easier. In addition, the 4-stroke engine on this unit operates at far lower noise levels, making it much easier on the ear and your work less disruptive to the surrounding environment. A further advantage is that 4-stroke engines produce minimal vibrations compared to 2-stroke machines and so cause less fatigue from their use. Operating costs are also lower. The 35.8cc engine on the Efco DS3600-4S 4-stroke Brushcutter consumes on average 50% less fuel than a standard 2-stroke machine and oil consumption is ultra low in comparison. Maintenance costs are also lower with fewer replacement parts being needed over the lifetime of the brushcutter. The Efco DS3600-4S Brushcutter delivers high performance levels as well, with high torque even at low crankshaft speeds. The recoil housing is made of aluminium for dependable long-term durability and the 7mm internal drive shaft offers unwavering top-level quality. Also, the engine can be tilted through 360