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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - November 20th, 2013.
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GreenFingers reduced the price on hundreds of items today

Lid for Octogrow / Quadgrow

Lid for Octogrow / Quadgrow was £4.49 now £0.99
Suitable for use with the Octogrow and Quadgrow these lids will ensure your tender plants have the best start. They

Autumn Bulbs - Red Overwintering Onion - Electric

Autumn Bulbs – Red Overwintering Onion – Electric was £1.99 now £0.99
This early harvesting Red Overwintering Onion Electric should be planted in Autumn and produces a symmetrical globe shaped bulb. This has excellent colour and flavour making an attractive addition to the early summer salad bowl. Alternatively onion Electric can be used in a wide range of dishes. Approx 50 Onions

Autumn Bulbs - Iris Reticulata-15 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Iris Reticulata-15 Bulbs was £1.99 now £0.99
This is a dainty plant with rather variable flowers with a deep purplish-blue colour and a yellow ridge on the fall.Iris like full sun or partial shade and an open soil with plenty of humus and good drainage. They work well in rockeries edges of borders and containers.Flowers in February/ March to a height of 15cm. Pack of 15 bulbs.

Ellister Placemat and Coaster

Ellister Placemat and Coaster was £1.49 now £0.99
This lovely Ellister Placemat and Coaster will help to protect your garden table from water marks food stains or heat damage. Made from textilene it is quick drying and easily cleaned with soap and water. Dimensions:1 x Placemat: 37.5 x 28.5cm1 x Coaster: 10 x 10cm

Autumn Bulbs - GregiiTulip- Red Riding Hood-10 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – GregiiTulip- Red Riding Hood-10 Bulbs was £2.49 now £1.29
These flowers borne in early spring are carmine-red opening to scarlet with black bases. The foliage has dark purplish-brown stripes giving a distinctive look.These tulips will grow in a wide range of soils provided there is good drainage. They like sunshine but will last longer in partial shade and are ideal for beds borders and containers. Plants grow to 30cm. Pack contains 10 bulbs.

Autumn Bulbs - Prepared Hyacinth 'Pink Pearl'-3 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Prepared Hyacinth ‘Pink Pearl’-3 Bulbs was £2.49 now £1.29
Suited specifically for growing indoors and reaching a height of 25cm these will fragrance your home beautifully.When planted before the end of September they will produce marvellous flowers from mid-December onwards.If preferred they can also be grown in hyacinth glasses.Hyacinth glasses are fun as they allow you to follow the development of the roots and the growth of the bud on a daily basis. To use place the bulb in the glass making sure the bulb does not touch the water.The roots will form and grow down into the water.Keep the bulb and glass in a cool dark place once the bud has formed it can be moved into the living room or any desired spot within your home.These can be grown in almost any container using bulb fibre. You can plant up to 5 per container leaving the neck of the bulb protruding above the surface.Water then place in a cool frost free spot at a maximum temperature of 9C.Check weekly when the flowering bud is through the neck of the bulb bring into a warm light room at 18C.Keep moist but be careful not to over water.Size: 16 / 17cm.A handy tip – when growing in water a piece of charcoal will keep the water sweet.Please note hyacinth bulbs can cause the skin irritation. Please use gloves or wash hands after handling.

Autumn Bulbs - Daffodil Narcissi Falconet Bulbs (Pack of 10)

Autumn Bulbs – Daffodil Narcissi Falconet Bulbs (Pack of 10) was £2.49 now £1.29
With their bright gold and striking orange centres these pretty plants also give off an alluring musky sweet scent.They grow at their best in well-drained moist humus rich soil in sum or partial shade.It is best to avoid very dry areas such as under conifers.Working well planted informally in groups

Autumn Bulbs - Narcissus 'Minnow' -10

Autumn Bulbs – Narcissus ‘Minnow’ -10 was £1.99 now £1.29
This strain of narcissi is a winner of the RHS award of garden merit. Flowering in March/ April these narcissi bulbs like well drained but moist soil in sun and partial shade.Each stem bears up to 5 flowers which have cream petals and pale yellow cups. This mid-spring narcissi grows up to 25cm high.Plant informally in groups or alternativey use in containers or rock gardens. Pack of 10.

Autumn Bulbs - Daffodils-' Yellow Cheerfulness'-5 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Daffodils-‘ Yellow Cheerfulness’-5 Bulbs was £2.49 now £1.49
Yellow Cheerfulness Daffodils are sweetly scented with lemon yellow petals surrounding full double yellow and light orange centres. They are wonderful for mass planting or containers and will brighten up any area of your garden or patio. Great as a gift for someone too as they symbolise new beginnings and ensure happiness. Perfect for any garden and ideal for naturalising under trees front borders or large containers. Type: Hardy perennialBulb size: 10-12Flowering period: Mar-Apr Height: Up to 40cm Ideal for: Borders containers grasslandPreferred planting position: Full sun or light shadePreferred soil type: Well drained alkaline/neutral sandyQuantity: 5 bulbs

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