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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - November 23rd, 2013.
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Suttons Seeds has these new items today

A Plant Hydro System Growing Kit (5 plant kit)

A Plant Hydro System Growing Kit (5 plant kit) £24.99
It may sound odd to grow plants without soil, but commercial growers have been achieving bumper greenhouse crops for decades this way. With these Hydro System kits, you too can enjoy the benefits; plants grow healthier, stronger and more quickly because they receive exactly the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen exactly when they need it. Nutrients are supplied as blocks with all the natural minerals found in soil. Just plug it in, and keep the reservoir topped with water. Perfect for tomatoes and peppers in a greenhouse or conservatory. Available in two sizes: 3 Plant Kit – 40cm (16) deep x 70cm (27) wide x 20cm (8) high; 5 Plant Kit – 50cm (20) deep x 109cm (43) wide x 20cm (8) high. ONLY 1 LEFT

A Vitopod Portable 'Mini Garden'

A Vitopod Portable ‘Mini Garden’ £24.99
Expand your growing possibilities with this high quality ‘mini garden’. Perfect for everything from raising seeds and cuttings, to maintaining as a mini raised bed-like salad vegetable or herb garden. Use it indoors for propagation, then move it outside to harden plants off and grow them on. The large growing tray sits on a watering tray for easy watering (which also prevents run-off onto paved areas etc), the clear covers are built to last (from the same durable, UV resistant acrylic material as aircraft windscreens!), and large adjustable vents in both lid and sides provide good humidity control. Size 100cm (39) long x 50cm (20) wide x 30cm (12) high. ONLY 1 LEFT

Summer Bulb Bumper Mix

Summer Bulb Bumper Mix £19.99
Great value mix of summer flowering bulbs. A mix of our specially selected favourites to give you masses of colour in your summer beds, borders and containers next year. The mix will contain a minimum of 5 different varieties including dahlia & gladioli. (Please note: varieties may vary from those shown in the image.)

A Compact Hose Reel Cart

A Compact Hose Reel Cart £14.99
With our compact hose reel cart, you need never struggle with a heavy hose reel again! It has a tough outer case to protect the hose and keep it neat and tidy, and a drip free accessory rack to store the nozzle, watering and feeder hoses. An easy re-wind action with viewing window allows the hose to be re-wound without getting your hands dirty, the 90cm (3′) soft-grip towing handle can be raised and lowered for easy storage, and the wide wheels ensure stability and easy movement around the garden. Complete with 30m (98′) of 11.5mm (0.4) hose. ONLY 6 LEFT

Garden Bargain Pack

Garden Bargain Pack £14.99
Feast your eyes on this selection of goodies, everything you need for your garden or allotment. A fantastic opportunity to purchase 100 worth of Suttons goodies for the BARGAIN price of just 14.99, saving yourself 85! Everything the gardener needs for spring sowing. Order now whist stocks last, why not buy 2 one for you, one for a friend!EACH GOODIE BAG CONTAINS3 Propagators / Growing Kits, Lawn Seed, Plant Food A selection of flower & vegetable seeds, Tree Guards Tree Ties, Compost Seed Sower, Garden Twine Onion / Shallot Sets Flower Bulbs Grow your own pots PRODUCTS MAY VARY!

Streptocarpus Plant - Crystal Ice & Ceramic Pot

Streptocarpus Plant – Crystal Ice & Ceramic Pot £14.99
A clump forming evergreen tender perennial, a native of the tropics, producing blue veined flowers. Height 21-30cm. Plant is supplied with a white ceramic pot.Outstanding varietyFlowers white with blue veinsAttractive narrow leavesEach flower stem will produce 7-13 flowersYear round flowering

A Wooden Armchair Cover

A Wooden Armchair Cover £5.99
Keep your garden furniture clean and protected from adverse weather conditions with this superb, non-tear cover. Made from high quality woven polyethylene, it is UV stabilised on weave and top coating for longer life. Securing eyelets/ties will hold it firmly in place, whilst the wipe clean surface will keep fresh-looking. The perfect cover for an individual armchair. Cover width 68cm (27), depth 66cm (26), height at front 63cm (25), height at back 89cm (35).

A Slug and Snail Catcher

A Slug and Snail Catcher £1.99
Just fill these traps with sugar water, beer or slug trap bait and wait for your number one garden enemy to climb in! Once you’ve caught them, just remove the inner green pot, let the bait liquid drain through the holes into the outer black pot, empty the green pot and then replace it back into the black pot without having to use more bait! BUY 2 SAVE 2.00!