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New products at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - November 24th, 2013.
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Gardening Direct just added these new products

Scabious Pink Mist 1 Plant 1.5 Litre Pot

Scabious Pink Mist 1 Plant 1.5 Litre Pot £25.98
Perfect for use as cut flowersProduces masses of pink flowers from late spring throughout the Summer. Attracts butterflies and bees and is ideal for rock gardens. These Scabious are also perfect for use as cut flowers.

Windowsill Tomato Scarlet 10 Seeds

Windowsill Tomato Scarlet 10 Seeds £2.99
Ideal For Window BoxesThis cordon variety of Tomato is suitable for growing indoors and outdoors. Eat these Tomatoes as soon as they are ripe and enjoy their slightly sharp sweet taste! If you don’t have a vegetable patch why not try these in growing bags.

Cauliflower Purple Mountain 50 Seeds

Cauliflower Purple Mountain 50 Seeds £2.99
Purple Cauliflower From SeedThis Cauliflower has large purple curds 12 weeks after transplanting.

Sage 1000 Seeds

Sage 1000 Seeds £2.99
Origional Sage Grown From SeedUsed in kitchens all over the world, this herb is a must have to add to your range of ingredients. For 1,000 seeds, this is excellent value!